Kari Traa Louise Glove Review

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Kari Traa. Kari Traa Louise Glove Review

The Kari Traa Louise gloves are initially designed for training on cold, windy days.

At first glance, what attracted me to these gloves were the reflective details. Given the reality of Quebec winters, as soon as we leave work in the evening, it is inevitably already dark outside. For safety reasons, it is therefore essential to pick apparel and accessories that incorporate reflective details and features so you can been seen by drivers and other runners.

As for the performance of the Louise Glove, I am very satisfied. During the winter, it is not always easy to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Too often one must choose between starting off shivering and feeling a little chilly or returning feeling damp in sweat. The benefit of the compressible cover mitt is that it allows optimum control of the hands’ temperature.

For added warmth at the beginning of the run, you can simply flip on the windbreaker mitten and as your hands warms up, the mitten can be simply stuffed into the discreet pocket on the top of the hand. With the mitten tucked away, you’re left wearing the polar glove which is thinner and allows the air to circulate more easily.

Other convenient features and details I really liked on the Louise Glove include the smart phone compatibility. The tip of the index finger and thumb are made of a material that allows you to use your smart phone to start your Strava, or change your song during your training without needing to remove the gloves and expose your fingers to the cold air.

In addition, there is a clip that allows the gloves to be stored together. It’s so annoying to lose a glove in the house or be scrambling around looking for its pair when you’re in a hurry.

Overall, there is only one thing that I would change on these gloves which is the material used on the thumb. The top of the thumb has only the windbreaker material, without the polar which leaves the thumb vulnerable to the cold.

I found my thumbs often felt cold at the start of the run although once the temperature of my hands increased, the windbreaker fabric would begin to feel damp. Using a different fabric that may have better insulation to moisture wicking properties may be more ideal.

All in all, with the thumb material aside, I love these gloves and wear them every time I go out.



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