KOMBI: The Winter Accessories

Text by: Altitude Sports Collaboration

Kombi. KOMBI: The Winter Accessories

Founded in Montreal in 1961, KOMBI is the go-to place for winter accessories. Best known for its greatly manufactured mits and gloves, KOMBI also makes first-layer clothes, socks, hats and various accessories that makes it easy to enjoy the colder seasons.

In the 60’s, KOMBI became a reference in the skiing world. Being a co-founder of the National Skiing Association, the brand quickly became a sponsor the the Crazy Canucks and Nancy Green – in their participations at the World Cup.

In the 80’s, the family business became one of the first Canadian brands to partner-up with GORE® – integrating the GORE-TEX® waterproof and breathable membrane to its gloves and mits.
Today, their new campaign puts forward the solidarity feeling between outdoor enthusiasts and their simple love for winter. Instead of putting the emphasis on the products, KOMBI asked ”real life users” to just wear the gear and have fun with it.

So, a photograph brought six of his best friends to a chalet near the Eastern Townships, for a nice weekend of skiing, skating and snowshoeing.

Not only KOMBI offers elite and high performance products; they also have winter gear for the whole family. Visit their Facebook page, KOMBI Canada, to know more about their contests and discover their new stuff. 

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