Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Review

Text by: Reuben Ramsay

Lowa. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Review

Summer, it’s even harder to work inside; just staring out the window, watching the leaves appear, the sun shining and the time passing. That’s why I just love becoming a renegade on the weekends, casting away daily routine and rules that we all “must” follow. It’s the simple things; escaping from the heaviness of the city to nature, the smell of the blowing wind that enters my lungs at 100 miles an hour and the warmth of the sun nourishing my skin.


Finding a summit to climb, a route to travel, a river to follow are missions I love to take on. The Lowa Renegade GTX is the perfect tool for my wild escapades. At the end of Friday, I am ready to get out of here!

Winner of OutdoorGearLab’s Editor’s Choice Award

For more than 90 years, Lowa has always paid a particular attention to every detail, expanding the definition of a great hiking boot. Crafted entirely in Europe, it’s not surprising that the Renegade won OutdoorGearLab’s Editor’s Choice Award for the best women’s hiking boot.



In addition to their reputation, these boots satisfy the princess in me. I always found that hiking boots make my feet look huge, so I am very happy not to look like Big Foot when I put my Renegades on. As an added bonus, they come in some amazing colours.

The Renegade is not just exclusive to women! The same model exists for men in Mid, while the Renegade Low hiking shoe also exists in both men and women.



Comfort and Support

With a pair of Renegades on your feet, comfort is yours to discover. Some may find that the arch support is not defined enough, but they remain comfortable regardless. Their lightness allows for a peaceful walk without feeling like you’re wearing steel-toe boots. It’s always nice to know that you will be able to easily run away should you ever encounter a starving unicorn or a savage dog!

The Boot’s Features

However, comfort doesn’t stop at the lightness of the Renegade or the peacefulness it brings. It is also a leader in flexibility and support. Because of this, Lowa’s leading boots are perfect for short day or two hikes with a light load. Also, the exterior Nubuck and Gore-Tex membrane allows for usage in the rain, late autumn or early spring. Tall summits, even with a bit of snow on them, are no longer an obstacle for all the adventuring princesses out there; your feet will stay dry.


Finally, the Vibram Evo sole adapts perfectly to different terrains. It also ensures stability on steep paths and a good grip on muddy and slippery terrains. The supple rubber also increases comfort while absorbing shock during your walks.

Discover the adventurer in you with the Renegade; it will bring you to the land of self-discovery, where you can breathe, laugh and cry, but most of all, discover in comfort.

Cover photo by Robert

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