Math Sport: custom running shoes

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. Math Sport: custom running shoes

If you have two feet, and have used them recently, you will know that feeling of shoes not fitting just right. Sometimes things are too snug, or too loose, angles can be wrong, and footbeds can be awkward. Usually this leads to unhappiness and can even lead to serious foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

The man behind Math Sport understood all these problems as he had previously worked a running retail shop. He also happened to be a runner who competed at the national level and so knows about the aforementioned predicaments.

The idea of designing a custom shoe started in university, but has now become his life.

How it works:

Mathieu came by the office to show us how his system works. With him he brought his 3D scanner which takes 3 dimensional image of your foot. Slip on a foot cover and insert your foot in his machine, and within 30 seconds both you feet will be scanned.


This scan allows Mathieu to see your feet, with all their peculiarities and ‘flaws.’ From this scan he can create a shoe with exact dimensions to fit your ever need.

Once this is done, then you can start customizing your very own shoe. You can choose oval or flat laces, the colour of the upper, but more interesting is your ability to choose the drop of the shoe (the difference in height between your heel and the ball of your foot) from 4mm, 7mm or 10mm. You can also choose the thickness of the midsole; a racer can go ultra thin, a training shoe choice will be thicker, and finally a cushioned shoe will have the thickest midsole. Finally you can select a racer, light trainer or cushioned outsole.


In the end you will receive (a short time later) a shoe made specifically for your foot.

Not convinced by Math Sport? He won the 2014 Quebec Entrepreneurship Award for his category, and received a $25,000 grant from a Desjardins entrepreneurial contest. After spending 20 minutes with him you realize nothing is going to get in his way.


How to get your feet scanned:

If you are in the Montreal area on December 5th, 2014 Mathieu will be at the 4140 St-Denis store with his 3D scanner taking scans and pre-orders for shoes. You can reach them at 514-495-1111

If you are closer to Mont-Tremblant, he will be visiting our store at 2555 de l’Aulnaie, suite 203 in the Factoreries Tremblant on December 7th, 2014. You can reach the Tremblant store at 1-800-729-0322.

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