Maui Jim Koki Beach Sunglasses Reviewed

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Maui Jim. Maui Jim Koki Beach Sunglasses Reviewed

I have always liked the Maui Jim brand because somehow they just “feel” authentic and true to their island roots. From humble beginnings selling sunglasses on the beach in Lahaina, Hawaii, they’ve grown to become an international brand now offering 125 different styles of sunglasses.

Whether we lose them or break them, we tend to go through many pairs of sunglasses in our family.  On the upside, we have had the opportunity to try out many different models from many different brands, and Maui Jim never disappoints.

My wife purchased the Koki Beach sunglasses to replace her Maui Jim Nalani’s (in the “lost” category on bottom of the Pacific Ocean).  She loved the Nalani’s, and the Koki Beach’s might be even better. The Purple Tortoise frame with the Maui Rose tinted lenses makes for a unique and stylish combination.  

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Our review of this product
8 / 10

The pros are:

  • Crystal clear lenses
  • Excellent glare reduction
  • Lightweight, durable frame
  • Shatter and scratch resistant lenses

The cons are:

  • Limited choice of lens tints
  • Don’t block out as much light as some people might like



The Koki Beach has a wrap-style frame with oval shaped lenses that provide good coverage while not being “oversized”. The frame material is an injected nylon that makes it highly lightweight and durable. Adjustable nose pads allow for a more customized fit.  The style is subjective of course, but I find the subtle “Purple Tortoise” finish fun and sophisticated.   Other frame options are classic black and olive tortoise. 


Lenses make or break a pair of sunglasses, and this is where Maui Jim really shines. Koki Beach sunglasses are all equipped with “MauiPure” lenses. They are constructed from an ultralight composite material that provides excellent clarity while being high scratch and shatter resistant. The lenses are available in Maui Rose, Natural Grey, and HCL Bronze tints. All models are polarized to reduce glare and have a Bi-Gradient finish that is designed to reduce squinting and adapt to a variety of lighting conditions. The Maui Rose tint on my wife’s glasses is very comfortable on the eyes and provides excellent contrast.  I was skeptical about the “rose” tint – but after trying them myself in different conditions I have to admit that I came away impressed. 

If I had a criticism of Maui Jim lenses in general, it would be the limited number of tint colors:  Maul Rose; Natural Grey; HCL Bronze and Maui HT.  Many other brands offer more variety. In addition, to my eyes, all of their tints are on the lighter end of the spectrum.  Those who prefer a darker tint may find that Maui Jim’s do not block out enough light.



Maui Jim Koki Beach sunglasses are ideal for everyday use in a variety of light conditions. Polarization makes them a good choice for driving and activities on or near the water.  While they are not specifically designed for sports, they are nevertheless a good choice for most casual leisure activities. 


Maui Jim makes some of the best sunglasses available, and the Koki Beach model is no exception.  The frames are stylish, durable and there are three different frame and lens color combinations from which to choose.  Whether land, sea or air – formal wear or flip-flops, the Maui Jim Koki Beach is a great choice. 

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