Most Popular Winter Boots for Men

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Baffin, Lowa, Merrell, Sorel, UGG Australia. Most Popular Winter Boots for Men

Are you the type to own a model of boots for each of your favorite winter activities? Or maybe your old pair has finally given up after years of wear and it’s time to change it up. No matter why you’re looking for to replace your old winter boots, we have exactly what you need and a variety of styles to choose from!

Once you are aware of how a winter boot should fit, all that is left to do is find the perfect look to suit your style and needs. Lost for inspiration or a little lost among the variety of models on the market? We’ve got the 7 most popular winter boots listed here to make things easier for you. 

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  • Baffin Impact (-100°C/-148°C)

baffin mens impact boot


baffin mens imapct winter boot baffin mens imapct winter boot baffin mens impact winter boot

The Baffin Impact men’s winter boots impress with their thermal index of -100° C.  No wonder they are so popular! Capable of braving extreme temperatures, they have even been tested at the North and South poles. If their look is not the most elegant for the city, the Impact will still be able to keep your feet warm during each of your winter expeditions no matter how cold the temperatures are.


  • Sorel 1964 Pac Nylon Waterproof Boots (-25°F/-32°C)

The 1964 Pac Nylon boot from Sorel is a classic. It’s hard to go wrong with this warm and perfectly waterproof model. Versatile, they have a refined look well suited to the evenings in town and durability and comfort suitable for  weekends at the cottage or walks in the woods. No doubt, the 1964 Pac Nylon Sorel boots are a sure bet to get through the winter.


  • Merrell Chameleon Thermo 8 Waterproof Synthetic (-40°F/-40°C)

From the city to the mountains, the Chameleon boots are aptly named and adapt easily to your environment. You can practice your favorite winter activities or go about your daily activities with comfortably warm and dry feet in your Chameleon boots. These boots most definitely live up to the Merrell reputation.


  • Baffin Yoho (-50°C/-58°F)

Like the other boots offered by the Canadian brand Baffin, the Yoho are particularly warm and resistant. The model, however, stands out for its flexibility and surprising lightness (2lb per boot only). For your snowshoe adventures, your forest walks or your daily commute, why wouldn’t you choose the Yoho boots?


  • UGG Australia Hannen TL

ugg australia hannen tl ugg australia hannen tl

Brave the cold in style with the Hannen TL boots from UGG Australia. No more compromising your look for warmth during the winter cold. A sleek and simple design crafted from premium waterproof leather and a luxurious wool interior, what’s not to love about the Hannen TL? 


  • Lowa Oslo GTX Insulated Boots (-13°F/-25°C)

lowa oslo gtx boot lowa oslo gtx boot lowa oslo gtx boot

Perfect compromise between style and function, the Lowa Oslo GTX boots have interesting features, which enhances a refined style. Available in black, brown or olive green, these boots are lined with GORE-TEX, ready to handle any weather. In addition, they have soles that ensure a good grip on slippery even on slippery surfaces.


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