Review of the Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30

Text by: Spring McClurg

Mountain Hardwear. Review of the Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30

Bottom Line:

A mid-size waterproof pack that is very comfortable to wear, especially while wearing a harness. This would make an ideal pack for ice climbing as you could be assured anything stored inside the pack would stay dry. After testing this to what we feel was it’s waterproof limit, we are assured that this pack lives up to it’s design.

Our review of this product
9.1 / 10

The pros are:

Additional gear loops

Sits above a harness comfortably

Padded shoulder straps

The cons are:

If not packed to full capacity lid buckle can come undone


First Impressions & Observations:

The first time I used this bag I used it to go canyoning. I know the bag is not watertight, but I still wanted to test it’s waterproofness, to really see how much water it let into the bag after being submersed all day. All I can say is that at the end an extremely wet day I looked inside the bag and there was about 1 cup (250 ml) sitting in the bottom. I was very impressed! Even though it looked like the pack had wetted out during the day it was still managing to keep water out.

I also noticed how enjoyable it was to wear while wearing a harness, due to the thin no-fuss waist straps which, when not needed can be neatly tucked away into the outer side pockets. Being made from a durable waterproof material I was surprised at how lightweight and malleable (great for stuffing gear inside) the pack was.

I really appreciated that the shoulder straps are slightly padded making for a more comfortable wear. They also chose to provide some back support along with some back padding making it pleasant to wear all day.


Using it multi-pitch climbing was another great test to see how it stood up in a scenario closer to what I believe this pack was designed for. The pack was full of extra gear, shoes, jackets, snacks and not once did I find it uncomfortable to wear or that it got in the way while climbing.

We were even lucky enough to have a bit of rain during the last few pitches of our climb, excellent test conditions, and nothing in the pack had a drop of water on it at the end.

The lid pocket is large and even when the bag is fully packed you can still access the items stored inside easily. The  lid compartment is not extendable, which I believe is done to save on weight. The only thing I noticed about the bag is that when it is not packed to near capacity the lid compartment sits quite loose and can come undone.



Sits above a harness comfortably

Additional gear loops

Waist buckle straps store inside outer side pockets


Padded shoulder straps

Lightweight for it’s purpose and design


If not packed to full capacity lid buckle can come undone

Buy it if:

You are looking for an ice cragging bag that will keep your packed items dry all day. Or it also work as a great multi-pitch pack on the days when you’re not quite sure which way the weather is going to turn. 

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