MPOWERD Luci Lights Review

Text by: Mark Smith

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On a recent canoe camping trip to La Mauricie National Park which is located outside of Quebec City, my friends and I found out that mood lighting is indeed important. Thanks to a couple of MPOWERD solar-powered lights we were able to chat around the picnic table for hours without having to worry about losing sight of what is important while camping: winning at Settlers of Catan.


Ranging from $15-$30, these inflatable lights are a great way to prevent toe-stubbing, keep the party going and generally avoid the purchase of batteries. All good things in my opinion.

Models range from a single LED colour with clear plastic to an ambient party model which has colour-changing LEDs that you can set to change randomly. Trippy at times! After a couple of s’mores I started to see through time. Again, all good things in my opinion.


MPOWERD lights can last up to 12 hours on a single charge which can take up to approximately 7 hours. We threw them on the top of our stuff in the canoe, and by the time we found our site we were good to go for the weekend. Deflated, the MPOWERD Luci lights are an inch thick and about 5 inches in diameter. At 125 grams, I class them in the ‘don’t weigh a thing’ category. They can be conveniently hung almost anywhere thanks to a clip on the bottom.


Did I mention they are waterproof? This makes them ideal for camping in the rain or more importantly, for kids who want a toy to play with, there’s no stress should they break it or drop it in the toilet. This could also be your option instead of your fancy headlamp.

Grab a carabiner or some string and put a couple up in the trees around your camp site, backyard or car interior (sort of joking), it will be a place to be seen!

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