New Norrøna Outerwear & Apparel for 2016

Text by: Emilie Hauss

Norrona. New Norrøna Outerwear & Apparel for 2016

As colorful as always, Norrøna is back this winter with a new collection in the tints of blue-green-orange-pink and of course, the classic: black.  

Why always so flashy? To be seen from far!

The Norwegian brand creates refined, minimalist and ultra functional products that are made for extreme conditions and that are specific to each sport they are designed for. When Norrøna’s testers are satisfied with a product, that’s when the developers know that the product has acquired a high enough level to be pushed in production. Most of their products are made in their prototype workshop in Hvalstad, not too far from Oslo.

To all extreme sports & thrill amateurs, here are our Top Picks this winter:

Unisex Lofoten Gore-Tex® Pro One-Piece Suit


The Unisex Lofoten Gore-Tex® Pro One-Piece Suit is the perfect kit for glade skiing amateurs. Whether you measure 5”6 or 6”3, whether you are a man or a woman, there will be the right size for you. The Small size fits people from 5”6 to 5”9, the Medium size fits from 5”8 to 6”1 and the Large fits from 6”0 to 6”3. This one piece is made of 2 different types of Gore-Tex® Pro Shell. The upper part of the kit is made of the new Gore-Tex® Pro which has a better durability and flexibility than ever, whereas the inferior part is reinforced with Aramid (aromatic polyamide) in the lower leg area. This Lofoten Gore-Tex® Pro Unisex One-Piece Suit will definitely exceed your needs & expectations.  

Men’s Super One-Piece


While we’re at it, here’s the Men’s Super One-Piece base layer. Made of Polartec Power Stretch and Polartec Thermal Pro, you can be sure to stay dry and warm at all time (even while sweating!) in this onesie. Its polar material is breathable, lightweight, skin-tight and has a 4 way stretch. For an easy access to the washroom, the onepiece is equipped with a zipper to your bottom. It is a perfect outfit for all the Winter sports where you want to be sure to never have your shirt run up your jacket and have a little piece of skin exposed to the cold. No cold breeze will touch your skin if you wear this base layer.  

Men’s Lofoten Gore-Tex® Primaloft Jacket


The Lofoten Gore-Tex® Primaloft for men is the perfect product if you wish to have a lightweight, warm, flexible, water resistant and functional jacket. Made of water resistant Gore-Tex® and isolated with Primaloft, this jacket was redesigned with more silent and light materials with a better hood that can fit over a helmet.  

Women’s Trollveggen Gore-Tex® Light Pro Jacket


The women’s Trollveggen Gore-Tex® Light Pro is the perfect balance between its weight and its durability. Made with a windproof & helmet compatible hood, this Gore-Tex® Pro jacket has a soft and comfortable liner, which reduces his weight and thickness to allow a better humidity evacuation while staying perfectly waterproof.  

29 Heavy Logo Headband & 29 Striped Mid Weight Beanie


Finally, to add even more color to these colorful items, why not match a headband or a Norrøna beanie to your winter kit? Not only do their head accessories look great, they are also very warm due to their 100% merino wool composition plus a fleece-liner (depending on the models) to offer you the best comfort ever.    


Click here to check out lots of cool & oldschool Norrøna photos!  

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