Nobis: the Timeless Canadian Style

Text by: Vincent Desmarais

Nobis. Nobis: the Timeless Canadian Style

While Canada isn’t known for its high-end fashion brands, some companies strive to stand out. It didn’t take long for Nobis to be noticed – since its launch in 2007.

Situated in northern Toronto, Nobis was first created to defy the short lives of trends and to push forward the timeless aspect of style, quality and functionality. The really united brand found its name in these features, Nobis that is actually latin word for “us” and they’re really proud of their fast growth of popularity that brought their products to be pushed in 40 different countries.


What propelled them so rapidly is probably their undeniable ability to juxtapose technical features to a flawless fashion garment. Should it be the mouldable in-hood frame wire that keeps the shape of your hood even when heavy snow is falling or the seam-sealed construction of their winter jackets, it will always be done with style attention to detail. All of the insulated jackets are proudly filled with Premium Canadian duck down and tailored  in order to offer a unique silouhette that doesn’t overcome the technical aspects of the jackets.


The brand aesthetic is easily recognizable, the visual texture of the jackets is really appealing and actually makes you want to feel them. Also, the logo usually located on the lower left shoulder is intriguing as much as it is revealing of the brand’s true nature.  An interesting aspect would be how both of their collection, for men or women, are equally developed and answer to the consumers expectations with a broad range of different style and colors. And I’m not even talking about the kid’s line that will without a doubt satisfy any parent who would love to see their offspring dressed up as a real fashionista.


For example, the Carter Bomber Jacket is one of their collection’s staples. It is offered in 4 different colors, it’s completely water and windproof and you may judge by yourself, the style is as simple as it is timeless.

For the ladies, the Pheonix Extreme Jacket clearly shows what the brand is all about. Extreme warmth for the most comfortable walk outside. An elegant look paired with reliable technical features.


Their collection is really diversified as they don’t stop to luxurious winter jackets. You can also find great looking accessories such as hats, and they also offer a great selection of sweaters. Check out their website to find out more about this Canadian brand.

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