Norrøna Women’s Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Pants Reviewed

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Norrona, Ski & Snowboard. Norrøna Women’s Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro Pants Reviewed

Similar to shopping for jeans, shopping for the right ski pants can also be a deceiving task. You want to find a pair that not only looks great but also functions appropriately for the type of skiing you will be doing because features are important. Norrøna’s Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants offer a relaxed fit and offer the features sought after by those looking for pants suitable for backcountry skiing.

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Our review of this product
10 / 10

The pros are:

  • Multiple pockets
  • Adjustable waist
  • Zippered sides for ventilation
  • Aramid fabric for reinforcement at the bottom of the legs

The cons are:

  • No complaints the pants were comfortable, functional and stylish

First Observations

First thing’s first, I fell in love with the Orange Alert colour of the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants. Paired with the Lofoten Gore-Tex Active Jacket in Mercury, it was a great match that was neither too bright nor not colourful enough. It’s always fun to have a little bit of colour in your ski suit so you stand out on the mountain and pop in pictures. 

Right off the bat, the pants were comfortable to slide into. The relaxed, regular fit was comfortable and not overly baggy which was nice because often times technical ski pants will have a slimmer fit to eliminate excess material. I prefer the looser fit because ski pants that are too tight are never comfortable or easy to work with. Coming from a cyclist background as well, I find my thighs are more muscular and will often have to size up for a fit that is comfortable but then find the waist to be too large. With the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants, this wasn’t the case for me. If you do find the waist to be slightly too large though, there are velcro straps located on both sides so you can easily tighten the waist if need be. 

To Bib or Not to Bib

Although they tend to be inconvenient for going to the bathroom on the go, I am a big fan of bib pants. If you are also a bib fan, you will be happy to see that there is a removable zip-off bib attachment so you can easily have the option for bibs if you wish. Bib pants are always a bonus for touring because there is often a pocket located on the chest which is a convenient and ideal spot to keep your beacon so it stays on you if you do not have a harness to secure it. 

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Pockets & Storage

Other great features on the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants include the assortment of pockets, there are so many! One zippered one located on the back right pocket, one on each thigh and a last smaller one higher on the left hip. The thigh pockets are large and deep and can easily store gloves should you need to remove them for a short moment or a great place to store a map for quick access. Keep in mind that storing large, firm items in the thigh pockets may impede your comfort or mobility if they are too large. 

Other Great Features

The double snap closure at the waist is secure and comfortable and the zipper moves freely without getting stuck. The large zipper tab also makes it easy to work the zipper with our without gloves which is a bonus. 

Ventilation is an essential factor for touring so convenient air vents like those found on the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants are ideal. Each side has a zipper starting near the waist that unzips all the way to the bottom so you can get the ventilation you need while working hard on the ascent. These vents aren’t fully open like some are but have a mesh material which allows hot air to escape.

Last but not least, the longevity of a pair of snow pants is crucial. If your pants can’t make it through the wear and tear of a season, they aren’t well-made. Both legs on the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants are equipped with Aramid reinforcement and are designed so that they easily fit around ski (or snowboard) boots. This reinforced material will keep the bottom will keep these pants intact for the hardest days on the mountain and walking through town so you don’t have to worry about scuffing them up or having them rip easily.

Overall Opinion

Overall, the pants were great. I wore them for multiple days while ski touring and couldn’t be happier with the fit,  style and features. Some experience skiers or snowboarders may prefer to have the side vents be completely open although, I personally was happy with the mesh. Having the mesh keeps thing discreet under your ski pants in case you are touring in hot weather and do not have base layers underneath.

There are great colour choices to choose from as well and these pants can be comfortably worn by a skier or snowboarder for touring or simple days in the slackcountry. The material feels durable and the reinforced bottoms adds to the overall longevity of the pants.

For those who are searching for the lightest ski or snowboard pants and jacket, the Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro pants also come in a light version which boasts the same look and features.

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