The North Face Gotham II VS Canada Goose Chilliwack

Text by: Maxime Dubois.

Max Altitude compares the Canada Goose Chilliwack to The North Face

Canada Goose, The North Face, Winter. The North Face Gotham II VS Canada Goose Chilliwack

With winter coming, everyone is starting to shop around for a warm winter coat. But the big question is: which one will keep you the warmest without making you look like an abominable snowman? Today’s article highlights for you two coats that meet these important criteria: the Gotham II Jacket by The North Face and the Chilliwack Bomber by Canada Goose.

Last winter I answered a lot of questions from many clients on, who wanted to know the differences between these two very similar models, their style and their characteristics. With an urban look, these hip-length jackets are insulated with down and made for men and women. They have plenty of pockets, fur around the hood, and rib-knit cuffs that keep out the wind. One last point before we get into the heart of the matter: down is a very effective insulator, and even though there are other synthetic options such as, Primaloft and fleece, it is still the best for those who don’t stand up very well to the cold.

Made in Canada vs. Made in China

At first glance, customers are often surprised that the Chilliwack is more expensive than the Gotham. The difference in price can be partly explained because Canada Goose is made in Canada and The North Face is made in China. I think this is an important point because it’s rare that manufacturers make their outdoor clothes in Canada, and a great achievement considering the availability of labour in our country. However, we should consider the fact that Canada Goose produces jackets on a much lower scale than The North Face, for whom it would be impossible to produce such a large quantity only in North American factories. I will leave you to form your own opinion on the subject and to decide whether or not “Made in Canada” is important enough to pay the difference when you buy your next coat.

The Big Technical Differences


First of all, I have to say that both jackets are very well insulated. From Edmonton to Montreal, I’d have no problem recommending either to a customer. The Gotham II Jacket uses goose down with a fill power of 550, while the Canada Goose Chiliwack uses duck down with a fill power of 625.

A note on down: a higher fill power number means the coat contains a higher quality down and therefore less is needed to obtain the same level of insulation. Goose down is generally more efficient in terms of warmth than duck down. However, duck down is sturdier and performs a bit better in humid climates. This means it can be used with thicker nylon fabrics. For example, if a thick nylon is used with goose down, the feathers will tend to compress and won’t keep the heat in as effectively. It’s then a question of deciding which compromise is best: light nylon fabrics which are more compact but less sturdy, or strong exterior nylon fabrics that can withstand abrasion.

In both of these cases, these two jackets are equally warm. Another factor to keep in mind which will influence the effectiveness of your winter coat is the fit. You want to ensure that you choose a winter coat that fits properly so that it will do its job and keep you warm.

With or without a waterproof liner?

Unlike the Chilliwack and Gotham for women, which have a water repellent coating sprayed on the outside of the jacket, making them water resistant, the Gotham for men is totally waterproof. In addition to a spray-on coating, this jacket is lined with a waterproof-breathable liner The North Face HyVent, and has sealed seams, which ensure that water won’t leak into the coat. However, whether a jacket is waterproof or not shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your choice; it’s unlikely you will wear such a coat when it is warm enough to rain. In my opinion, the important point to consider is how wind resistant they are. Both jackets do a great job in this regard. The outer, reinforced fabric on both models for women cuts the wind, while the Gotham for men benefits from a second barrier: its liner HyVent.

Real of Synthetic fur?

Animal lovers will probably prefer the Gotham Jacket with its detachable synthetic fur, making it easier to wash. The Chilliwack has real coyote fur around the hood. I can say from experience that real fur tends to be slightly more durable and will protect your face better from the wind than synthetic. However, I find the Chilliwack’s collar less practical in winter as it comes up awkwardly high around the chin. You either have to wear it zipped down to the base of the neck, or zipped completely up to the nose. The Gotham’s collar has a better design because it zips up high, still leaving room for the chin.

Cut and Style

Apart from their logos, these two coats are very similar in style. They are the same size, but the Chilliwack is slightly more fitted than the Gotham; however, on the same models for women, the reverse is true: the Gotham is more fitted than the Chilliwack. Contrary to other Canada Goose jackets, the Chilliwack will correspond to your normal size. It is also a bit longer than the Gotham.

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  1. I work in combination freezing rain/cold rain all day. Absolutely, the waterproofing of a parka is the first consideration in my purchase. I hold HyVent in extremely high regard in this category.

  2. Hello 🙂
    I’m looking at buying a CG chilliwack bomber. I hear they fit big and I should order a size under.
    I’m 5’5 tall, weigh 165lbs,
    31″ waist.
    Not sure if I should go small or medium?

  3. I own the Gotham and don’t think it’s as warm as I’d like. I’ve put it through two harsh Minnesota winters and it didn’t provide much insulation, nor was it very water-proof from the wet snow. I’ve since ordered the Chilliwack bomber by CG and it’s miles better in quality & warmth. I’m regretting spending money on the Gotham. Dave your money and get CG instead

  4. Hi There, great review think I’m going for the Chilliwack! Could you help with sizes please? im 6’2 175ibs chest 40″ I was thinking medium as i like a snug fit would that be ok?

  5. I just cancelled my order for the gotham on another site. they took to long to process my order!! so i might spend a bit more money on a men’s chilliwack, I’m 5’7, around 155-160lbs, what size do you recommend?

  6. hi juan, im looking to buy an XS chilliwack and i was wondering whether this would be the right choice. I am slim built, 5″7 and chest of 34 inches. so would it be okay getting a XS?

  7. I want to get the Chilliwack Bomber but am having some trouble with the sizes. The smallest size a local store carries is a Medium and I find the arm area to have a little too much room. Would you be able to tell me if the arm area (as well as the chest area) of an XS is much smaller than that of a Medium or slightly smaller?

    By arm area, I’m refering to the armpits of the jacket. Maybe an exact measurement if possible with it laying flat?

    1. Pardon the extra post. Some details I left out is that I’m about 5’9.5 to 5’10 and about 120lbs. I don’t mind if the sleeves are short (unless I can still see my wrist even after wearing gloves). Just looking for the size that provides the slimmest fit, shall we say.

    2. Hello Jamie,

      Here is what I got for the Canada Goose Men’s Chilliwack, XS:

      Waistband: 7.5cm high
      Top of waistband to armpit seam: 32.5cm
      Armpit seam to edge of sleeve: 43cm
      Cuff: 8.5cm

      I hope this helps,

  8. Hi im debating between canada goose trillium or kensington parka which one do you think it the warmest? im looking for the warmest possible!! i am 5″6 and about 120lbs which size do you think i should get for the size?? I try size small in both of them but its a little too large also try the trillium size extra small the waist is sooo tight what do u suggest? thank!!

    1. Hello Jane,

      Both are great jackets. I would recommend the Kensington because its longer length will keep your warmer. I would go for the small. The Kensington has a tighter fit than the Trillium, so if the XS on the trillium was too tight, you can imagine what it would be with the Kensington. I hope this helps.

  9. Good Morning

    I’m not sure what size to get in a Canada Goose coat. I would like to get the Trillum Parka but unsure whether to get a medium (which might be too small) or a large (which might be too large). I am 5 7, about 150 lbs and about 36 in the chest.


    1. Good afternoon Shannon,

      Considering the info you gave me, I would go for the Medium. I think it will fit just right whereas the Large will most probably be too loose. I hope this helps.

      You can see our selection of Trillium’s here:
      And the exclusive Trillium CG55:

      1. Thanks Juan for clarifying. Yesterday morning I ordered the Trillium in Navy( Large) online – because the website didn’t show medium was available, but now I see that it is. My order is still in the processing stage as I’m waiting for my account to update the second amount charged to my credit card – I emailed back the site’s ‘info’ email address back asking if I could make this change from Large to Medium while I wait to email backwith that amount charged to my account. … I hope this is possible 🙂

        1. Hello Shannon,

          I checked and your original order was cancelled, you were fully and automatically refunded. Everything looks good for your order with the Medium. I hope your Trillium fits like a glove. Have a nice weekend : )

  10. Hello… I am wanting to order a trillium for my girlfriend. She is a size 38 european size, but she is 97 cm or 38 inch around the chest. I am thinking that she needs a medium, but I really have no idea. Please help with a good advice. Will she fit a medium trillium or does she need to go down to small..


  11. Hi!
    I’m looking into buying the Canada goose montebello parka.
    I’m a European xs, is 156 cm and weigh about 48 kg. I want it to be tight but not too tight.
    What size would you recommend?

  12. hi again also I forgot to mention that on the size tag of the jacket that my wife ordered of EBAY, it says XL/M what does the m stand for. Also I just looked at it even closer and saw that the fur hood can zip off and b detatched. So knowing that the hood comes off wou;ld that make this GOLDEN GOOSE chiliwack really a yorkville, thanx

    1. Hello Mike,

      If it says Golden Goose, then it is not a real Canada Goose. Also, if it was bought on eBay, chances are that it is fake. I would assume that the M stands for Men’s, but I cannot be sure.

  13. hi i tried on a Mens Xl chilliwack in the store and it fit fairly good. In terms of how snug or loose, then my wife wife surprised me by buying me one online. when I opened it christmass morn, and tried it it fit like a medeum i couldnt even zip it up. Comes to fing out she got me a GOLDEN GOOSE chilliwack which came to me bran new but is a few seasons old also in XL. SO we measured it acrooss to 64 cm. So im confused on how different the same jacket could be being the same my Q is, how many cm across is the present sasons mens chiliwack is in a XXL

    1. Hello Mike,

      The Canada Goose sizes change depending on the model, but not depending on the season. Also, if it says Golden Goose, then it is a fake.

      Furthermore, unfortunately, I was not able to get the measurements of the XXL. However, if you give me your size, weight and chest measurement, I can recommend the proper size for you.

  14. Hey i was wondering about sizes im 5’1 at 127lbs and i really want a chilliwack, do you suggest small or extra small. I dont want it too tight or too loose. And how would the arms go? Thanks- Cheers

    1. Hello Leslie,

      I would suggest an extra-small as the Chilliwack is somewhat loose. I find the arms slightly short, but that’s compensated by the long and warm rib-knit cuffs. If you have long arms, the Small then might be a better choice, especially since bombers are supposed to have a loose fit.

      I hope this helps.

      1. Hi, i would like to know which size I should consider for the ladies Canada Goose Montebello parka. I’m 5’6″ 135 lbs with chest size 36 and I am not sure if the size small or medium would fit.

  15. Hi,
    i am moving to Saskatchewan ( Prince Albert) from Toronto which jacket do you suggest.. i am planning to buy Canada goose chilliwack. If it is ok then also please suggest me the size of chilliwack..i am 5.6 and 145 pounds.

    1. Hello Igneous,

      The Chilliwack is a fine jacket indeed and will keep your torso nice in warm in Prince Albert. However, the rest of your lower body will be pretty cold. it is important to note that Prince Albert winters are much colder than Toronto’s. I would recommend getting a jacket with more coverage, such as the Expedition.

      As for sizing, I recommend a Small. The Chilliwack will be just right. The Expedition will be loose, but that is the point. If you go smaller, the sleeves will be too short.

  16. Hi i would like to buy the yorkville parka by canada goose and as far as i know they are quite simmilar to the chilliwack . I’m 5’7 and 36” chest width . what size should i get?

  17. Hey I got the Men’s Gotham jacket size small, it is waay too puffy and big on me. I am 5 foot 6.5ish, 135 lbs, chest measurement is a tight 36″ and I’m not sure what size to get, small or extra small? I can’t find any extra small anymore

    1. Hello Mike,

      I’m sorry to hear the Gotham was too big. It’s sort of a tricky situation to choose the proper size since the XS is made for a 35″ chest, whereas the S is made for a 38″ chest. That being said, since the S was way too puffy, I definitely think it would be worth it to try the XS. As for finding an XS, have you tried contacting The North Face directly? They may be able to help you out.

  18. Good Day! one more question about montebello sizing) tell me which one will fit me: 5’5feet, 122 lbs and 34 inchs in chest. im thinking about S, but heard that montebello are very slim im a little doubting right now) thank you!

  19. Another sizing question on the woman’s Trillium: I had tried on the Kensington in a small and found that the size was good, so I was planning on ordering the Trillium in the same size. But I have a friend who is a similar size to me say she got a medium in the Trillium, so now I’m a little torn between the sizes. According to CG’s sizing guide, I would be a small (chest = 35″) but I’m wondering if there’s much of a difference in say, the arm length of the two sizes. Your opinion would be appreciated, thanks!

    1. Hello Chewy,

      If small was a good size with the Kensington, I would recommend you get that with the Trillium. The Trillium has a looser fit than the Kensington, so going a size up would not be a good idea (which is why I’m surprised your friend with the similar size to you got a medium. Maybe she likes a different fit than you do).

      In the end, I recommend you get a small.

      I hope this helps.

  20. I’m 6’1 / 205lbs, i bought a Large Canada Goose Yorkville (It’s the Chilliwack with a removable hood) a few days ago and it’s a great fit. I couldn’t try the Medium since they didn’t have any, but i’m pretty sure it would have been a tad short for the arms. I also tried the North Face Gotham, the Large was quite big, i prefered the Medium that was a better fit. In the end, even it was a little more expensive, I picked the CG over the NF because it felt more snug (arms, chest, waist), the hood was removable and i could get it in green. Hope this help any potential buyers.

    I have a question of my own, once i bought the jacket and got home, i noticed a hole in a front pocket. Any idea how long it takes to have it repaired and shipped back from the moment we send it? I can’t exchange it in store, they don’t have any green one left. Thanks for your time!

    1. Hello Chuck,

      Thanks for the great input : )

      As to your question about repairing the hole, the answer is that it will take a long time. Canada Goose is currently overloaded so it could take up to two months.

      I’m quite sorry to hear about the hole in the front pocket. I would recommend you find a local shoemaker or seamstress for the repair. I know it feels like it should not be your responsibility, but that will be the quickest and least expensive way to resolve the issue (less expensive in that you would have to pay for shipping it to Canada Goose). Although it was not the answer you wanted to hear, I hope I answered your question.

  21. Hi, I’m 5’4 and i weigh around 125. What size of the montebello or trillium parka would fit me well? I don’t want the jacket to look bulky. I prefer a slim fit. Thanks!

    1. Hello Linda,

      For the Montebello, I would recommend the Small as it has a tight fit. As for the Trillium, it has a looser fit, so XS is probably what you’ll want if you prefer a slim fit. I hope this helps.

  22. Hi,
    I bought the trillium jacket from you in size small and after following CG’s size chart, was disappointed that it was way too big for me. I had to send it back to you and shipping was expensive. I measure 5’0 and 110lbs. My friend had just bought a size Xs and the size was still a little bit big around the chest area.
    I am wondering if you can do a quick width measurement for the Xxs compared to the Xs at the shoulders, chest, and waist (flat measurement).
    This will put the actual sizes into perspective and will help with my decision so I can order sooner and avoid returning the wrong size again!
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hello Queenie,

      I’m sorry to hear the size you ordered did not fit. Please note that Canada Goose’s size chart refers to your body and not to the jacket’s measurement. Unfortunately, I do not have access to either the XXS or the XS at this point, so I will not be able to get you the flat measurement. I would recommend calling Canada Goose directly 1-888-668-0625. I hope this helps.

  23. I would like to wonder what size I should get, I come from a small family and thus I’m only 5’8 and 112 lbs. I’m male and planning to go to the gym to bulk up soon, what size chilliwack should I get?

  24. Hi, like many others I want to purchase CG Montebello CG55 jacket, but don’t know what size. I´m around 135lbs and 5`5″, chest 37inch. I´m afraid that size small is small from the chest and medium is too big generally. What do you think? Is there a change to get the Montebello jacket measures (chest wide)?

      1. Thank you for yous answer. But I have one more question 🙂 Do you know how long is Montebello jacket (medium)? You wrote to Baaby, that Trillium measures from top of back to hem, it is 83 cm or 33″ and It should be about the same for the Montebello. But Montobello seems to be lot shorter.

      2. Hi,
        I have managed to get a reasonable discount from ASOS (in the UK-Authorised dealer) for a Chilliwack jacket in Medium.
        One question please, I notice the Fur/hood is not removable, so, when it comes to cleaning the garment what is the preferred method? (Ideally one that will not void the warranty).

        Thanks from across the pond!

        1. Hello Christophe,

          Glad to hear you got a reasonable discount. The preferred method for cleaning a Canada Goose jacket is to be sure to closely follow the directions on the contents label on the inside of the garment. But generally, that means taking it to a dry cleaner. Machine washing your parka will void the warranty.

          I hope this helps.

  25. Hey im in a dilemma here .. the only (test) i could find was this and i dont know if i wanna buy the THE NORTH FACE – M vostok parka , the FJÄLLRÄVEN – Yupik parka, Canada Goose MEN’S SNOW MANTRA, or Canada Goose MEN’S EXPEDITION PARKA … i live in denmark but im from spain and im always frozen her .. so if anybody could tell me wich one is the best to buy i would be glad.. I would prefer to avoid buying a Canada goose when everyone has it but if it is the warmest I will select it.

    1. Hello Camillo,

      I’m sorry to hear you are always frozen in Denmark. The jackets you proposed will all be extra warm. I will admit that I do not know the Yupik, but if it’s anything like the Arktis, you should be fine. Have you considered the Nobis Barry?

      Nobis is a Canadian brand and the Barry is extremely warm. They are very well made and designed. Not only that, but it is still exclusive in that not that many people have one.

  26. I am looking to buy a Chilliwack for my wife and am unsure as to the size. She is 5’7″ tall, 34″ bust, around 120 lbs. She can wear either a small or medium jacket depending on brand. For example her North face down jacket is a medium and fits a bit loose. Her Marmot is a small and is a bit more fitted to her. Both look and wear fine. Do you have a suggestion for size on the Chilliwack? Thank you.

    1. Hello David,

      From what I can see, you can do no wrong between the Small and the Medium. I would argue then that it depends on what she plans on wearing underneath. The Chilliwack’s fit is pretty neutral. The medium will be a little looser, which is good if she’s planning on wearing big sweaters. The small will be more adjusted. Since the Chilliwack is warm to begin with, she won’t need to wear heavy shirts, so I would go for the Small. I hope this helps.

  27. Hi , I have a few questions , I would love you to answer ! ;D

    .. actually I was wondering which canada goose jacket style , is the most slimfitted ?
    ( I don’t want it to bulk) .. And do you have the measurement for trillium or the montebello in xxs and xs ?
    Im only 157cm 50kg 🙁 .. so I was thinking that these jacket maybe would look to long on me ?

    Hope you will answer my many questions , thanks !

    1. Hello Baaby,

      You’ll find the slimmest fits with the Kensington and Montebello. I was only able to get the measurement for the Trillium Small. From top of back to hem, it is 83 cm or 33″. It should be about the same for the Montebello. Also, XS, should be about 2.5 cm or 1″ shorter.
      I hope this helps.

  28. J’ai achete le trilium dans le xxs je fais 5pi5 et pese 110 lbs jai essaye le xs mais il me semblait grand a la poitrine et le vendeuse ma dit que le xxs etait parfait pour moi mais je suis incertaine…
    merci de votre aide!

    1. Hi Edith, Mon nom est tami et j’ai acheté la Trillium dans xs, je fais 5 ‘3 et peser 104 je peux vous assurer que le xxs était bien trop petite pour moi. Bien que j’ai un grand poitrine le xs était parfait pas à de gros et de petits pas. Vous devez absolument y aller avec le xs. Vous ne le regretterez pas.

    2. Bonjour Edith,

      En effet, difficile de choisir. Sachez que lorsque vous commandez chez, vous bénéficiez de trente (30) jours pour faire un retour. Parfait pour essayer un manteau.

  29. Hi,
    I’m looking to purchase the Montebello jacket, but am concerned that it will not be warm enough compared to the Chilliwack and other Canada Goose jacket styles. The Montebello’s details state that it is “slim insulated”, whereas another style, The Trillium is “regular insulated”. What does this mean? Warmth is an important factor for me as I spend a lot of time travelling outside in the winter.

  30. salut je cherche a acheter une snow mantra de canada goose et je prends d’habitude du L voir XL en france quel taille je dois prendre pour une veste acheter au canada

  31. Hi! I was looking at buying a Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber jacket but I’m not sure about which size will fit me perfectly. I’m 5’4 and 150lbs. Thanks in advance

  32. Hi!
    I consider buying a women’s trillium parka. I´m 5,9 tall and my weight is 130 lbs.
    Can anyone please tell me which size I should buy?
    Best regards

    1. Hi can anyone help?

      im hoping to buy a ladies chilliwack parka. im 5’3 and about 9stone normal build. Im normally a 12 in uk jackets. Can anyone advise what size i should be buying as im getting really confused. Also do these come up big or small.

      many thanks


  33. Hi i want to order a Kensington Canada goose parka I don’t know what size I would be I want a fit that is nicely fitted but also comfortable I trie on the small it was too big on me so I am in between xs and xxs do u tink an xxs would be good for me I am 5’3 and 107 lbs. Thanks for ur help

    1. Get an XS. Canada goose jackets only look good when it’s a tight fit. it also keeps you much warmer this way.

      CG jackets, especially chilliwacks, are meant to be downsized 1-2 sizes. i see enough people who wear their own size, then complain about how the jacket makes them look fat. If you normally wear s/m, i’d definitely go for an XS chilliwack.

  34. Hi.

    Im looking at buying the men’s Chilliwack model, but I am unsure about the sizing as I will be ordering online.

    I am about 5’11, 130 lbs (tall and skinny), and generally dont prefer the TOO tight look.
    Any advice as to what size I should buy would be greatly appreciated.


  35. Hello, the previous comments have been helpful, but none of them relate specifically to my measurements. I am 5”2, 130 pounds. I’m interested in purchasing the Montebello jacket. Any suggestions on what size to get? I’m leaning towards the small, but I don’t want it to be too snug.. however, because I am so short I don’t want the medium to be huge and puffy! Thanks!

    1. im 5’8 and 120bl and i owned a size small of the Montebello.

      but personally i think size Small is a bit too lose me and i shouldve gotten the XS instead but oh well..hope this helps.

  36. Hi

    I was wondering if you could help me find the right size for the montebello parka. I’ve been thiking on pre-order, but don’t know which size I need. I’m 176 cm, (5.7″ i think), weight 64kg(143ibs) and measures 87cm(34inch) around the chest. I normally use 38 in european sizes, and according to the size chart I should wear a small, but I’m afraid it would be too short…. Please help me, would really appreciate your help!!!

    Linda from Norway

  37. Hi there-
    I am looking to purchase the Montebello coat but can’t decide between medium and small. I’m 6 feet tall and 130 lbs. So i have a long torso and long arms but a small frame. My chest is about 34-35 inches. According to the chart i should be a small but i dont want it to be too tight or the sleeves to be too short. Can’t decide between small and medium, please help!

    1. i think u may need a Medium . coz im 5″8 and i wear a size small for Montebello and the length just fall right on my lower waist/hip? so if u are 6″ it might be too short…but then again if u get medium the chest/arm area might be a bit too lose on ?

  38. Hey Guys,

    I’ve been itching for the new Montebello jacket, but like the others, I’m having some sizing questions.

    I’m 5’9″ <150 lbs. (By this, I mean my max. winter weight, normally) and 36.5"-37" around the chest, so I'm unsure as to whether I should go with a medium or should I be sizing up to a large to accommodate, you know, wearing clothes?

    I don't plan on a large quantity of layers or super heavy sweaters, but light-to-medium weight ones, definitely.

    Thanks for your time!

      1. Awesome, thanks so much for the helpful reply, Grace!

        I read your other replies, and the length of the Montebello and the arms is just fine for you at 5’8″ (just double checking)?

  39. Hello.I would like to know is there any differences between Canada Goose Trillium Parka size M and The North Face Caroline Down Coat Jacket size M?
    Thank you.

  40. Hey I just bought a canada goose off you guys and it was a large. It’s not that big – but the arms are huge on me- all pouffy and crinkled. I then proceeded to try on my old north face and it fit me almost perfectly – it was a medium. Do you think I would be better off in a medium canada goose?

    1. Hello Jack,

      Well that really depends on how you’re feeling with the large. If the chest area is perfect then I would not change it. But if you think there is some play in the chest, then perhaps you’ll be better off with a medium.

  41. Hi!

    Thanks for some great & very useful info. I was wondering if you could help me decide on which size I should get the new Montebello in?

    I am 5″7 ft and 150 lbs and I measure 34 inches around the chest. So according to the sizing chart on I should choose size S, but I have the same concerns as the girl Robin who commented under me – I don’t want a parka this “thick” to be uncomfortable and constricted.

    For reference I own the CG Solaris and I have that in a size S, which fits me very nicely.

    Really hope you can help me with this, it would be much appreciated!! 🙂

  42. Hi,

    Thanks for the comparison review – great info!

    As for Canada Goose jackets, I was wondering if I could have some advice on sizing. I want to get either a Chilliwack or the new Montebello.
    I’m a lady, 5’2″ and 100 lbs – really petite. I normally always take the smallest size for most brands – whether it be 00, 0, 2 or XXS, XS. According to the sizing information on the Canada Goose website, based on chest size, I would take an XS, rather than an XXS.
    Is this true? I’ve heard that the jackets run really big and I should get an XXS, but I just want to be sure – I don’t wanted to feel constricted and uncomfortable in a heavily insulated coat.

    Also – I tried on an XS in a belted ladies’ The North Face insulated jacket and it was too big.


    1. Hello Robin,

      Good question. Great North-style Canada Goose do run quite large. But the more urban collection is actually quite trim-fitting. I would argue that its a borderline decision in that both should be good. But considering what you told me, I would go for the XS.

      1. I just wanted to share that I ended up trying an XS in a shop locally, and it fit great (quite slim fitting)!
        I think the XXS would be too small for a comfortable fit, so I ended up getting the XS. Thanks again for all your help!

  43. Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir s’il vous reste un Verdi down jacket II (North face) noir dans le L et XL pour homme, ainsi que vos heures d’ouverture. Avez-vous un numéro de téléphone?

    1. Bonjour Julie,

      En date du 1er mars 2010, il reste un XL à la boutique The North Face au 4924 Sherbrooke Ouest. Il y en a en Large et XL à la boutique à Tremblant. Il est possible de les commander si vous le désirez.

      Notre numéro de téléphone est le 800.729.0322.

      Vous pouvez trouver les heures d’ouverture ici

      1. Je cherche partout à Montréal un manteau Chilliwack rouge pour femme, soit médium ou small (je suis entre 2 tailles, il faudrait que je les essaye pour voir) Y a t-il un endroit où ils en ont encore?

  44. Hey Max,
    I’m planning on buying a Canada goose chilliwack, and I need help on deciding what size to get.
    I’m 5’7 and 110 lbs. I live in Canada I’d really appreciate it if you could help! thanks (:

  45. Hi Max,

    Thanks for the review. It really helps people to buy online.

    I’m looking to buy a canada goose jacket.
    I have a north face jacket, size medium, does the north face jackets run in about the same size as the canada goose’s does? (I’m 6’2″)


    1. Hello Sam,

      Good question. To answer your question, I need to know which Canada Goose jacket you were thinking of buying. If it is the Chilliwack, then it is essentially the same as The North Face, just slightly larger.

  46. Purchased a Gotham, and it’s a great jacket, but the ZIPPER is CHEAP….. I Paid $400.00 Canadian for this coat, and the zipper constantly stuck, and eventually the handle broke. This, after Owning it for LESS than a month. I’m taking it back tomorrow for a FULL refund. It’s unacceptable that this is happening. North Face better get it’s quality under control.



    1. Hello David,

      I’m sorry to hear you had trouble with the zipper. I haven’t of that happening before. Luckily, The North Face is really good with its guarantee. I don’t know if they’ll give you a full refund, but they’ll certainly have it fixed.

  47. Max,
    You mentioned that the Chiliwack (unlike other Canada Gooses) corresponds to your normal size — do the sizes run larger or smaller than they should?
    I’m getting ready to buy an Expedition coat on-line (no dealers nearby). I wear a size 37 suit jacket. The size chart on the Canada Goose site says 36 is Small, and the Medium range begins at 38. Do you think I should I go with the Small or the Medium?
    Thanks for your help,

    1. Hi Matt,

      Sizes run larger than they sould. As for which size you should take… it’s hard to tell with this information. You seem to be in between two sizes. What heigt and weight are you?

      1. Sorry — I’m 5’9″ & 150 lbs. It’s starting to sound like the Small might fit me better. I tried coats on in a store last week, and in some brands I needed a Medium, and in others I needed a Small. I was just trying to save myself the headache of returning something that didn’t fit quite right.

          1. Just to follow up, I bought two Canada Goose coats — an Expedition, and also a Halifax Parka that I gather must have been discontinued, as I bought mine on clearance. In both cases, the Small was absolutely the correct size for me. Good call! I definitely appreciate the sound advice.

  48. Great question Kevin. I guess if the Chilliwack is never on sale, enough people do think it does makes sense to pay the difference! I think there are many factors that are in play when we make a purchasing decision, and I can’t claim to know them all!

  49. Great review!!
    but as we all know, we can get Gothams for $279 at some places while Chilliwacks are literally never on sale!!!

    so in this case, does it makes sense to pay close to $200 more for canada goose parka???

    if it is, please explain why that is


    1. Hi Kevin, indeed there is a big price difference between the Gotham and the Chilliwack. In the end both jackets will do a great job keeping you warm in the most severe conditions. As for the reasons why you should pay more or not for the Chilliwack, I guess it all comes down to how much you value features like local production, real fur, Canada Goose’s style, etc.

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