Peak Performance Women’s Logo Hoodie reviewed

Text by: Josee St Amour

Peak Performance. Peak Performance Women’s Logo Hoodie reviewed

The women’s tech zipper hoodie is the Chameleon of all hoodies.                                              

In the altered ego of an athlete, It can make you feel like Ronda Rousey training for a fight or Marie-Philip Poulin doing a hat trick or Lyndsey Vonn winning her 80th World Cup. All of those daydreams while riding your cruiser bike to the brewery on a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon!

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Our review of this product
8.5 / 10

The pros are:

  • The Hood!
  • Warm
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight Material
  • Flattering Fit

The cons are:

  • No internal pocket
  • The zipper can get stuck

Since getting this sweater, I have worn it pretty much everywhere and for all types of occasions. I’ve worn it at the sports therapy clinic where I work, on my West Coast rainforest trail runs as my weather shield and as the under layer of my Teton ski jacket to keep me warm on a cold mountain’ess day.

It’s been super versatile. It’s the piece of clothing that shows up!

Style & Fit

I appreciate the lightness of this material as it brings freedom of movement. The sleek lines and snug fit definitely enhance the figure for the better all while maintaining a professional look.

When it comes to design and it’s simplistic nature, it’s genius. The binding material at the extremities of the sleeves and waist keep the heat in and when zipping down the pockets, the interior mesh lining keeps the ventilation in balance. It has a high neckline for that extra cozy weather protection and the elastic cords to adjust my favourite feature, the hood! I have a soft spot for a good hood. It must be deep, have character and make me feel like I want to snuggle right in and take a nap.

This is one of them!

I’m not usually big on logo design but this one stands out and has changed my perception. I love its placement and its durable rubber print that has yet to crack and perish after all those washes.But like any true athlete, it’s never perfect. It just needs a touch of refinement! So here it is.

When zipping up the sweater, without fail the zipper gets caught mid-way on to the inner windbreaker flap. It needs to be full length or give it a stop binding.

Lastly, in the interior of the jacket, there is an illusion of an inside pocket. One I wish I would have instigated a bit more before putting my belongings in it…meaning cash! Yes, at the bottom of this seemingly clever secret pocket is a deliberate hole! If it was up to me, I would shut that hole and be done with it!

And that for me is the Peak Performance Zip tech sweater experience.

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