Pendleton Fire Legend Towel For Two Reviewed

Text by: Raphaëlle Rousseau

Pendleton. Pendleton Fire Legend Towel For Two Reviewed

For all you weekend explorers, here is the most stylish accessory for your next adventure: the finest towel in the world by Pendleton. Almost a blanket, this towel does justice to Pendleton’s legacy of craftsmanship with its timeless Navajo colorful pattern and durable quality.

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Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Beautiful colors
  • Large dimension
  • Very good quality
  • Easy to carry

The cons are:

  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Big to store

Equipped with a double carrying hand and shoulder strap, this towel-blanket is easy to carry and will easily accompany you to all your secret spots. The famous Pendleton quality is showcased in Pendleton’s Fire Legend Towel For Two. The tight weave and the thickness of the fabric makes it doubly absorbent and soft to touch, without making it heavy to lug around. Its size is comparable to a large double bed and is the perfect towel for small picnics as it can sit comfortably up to four people. 

With a variety of uses, the Fire Legend Towel For Two is a versatile and elegant camping accessory. During our journey of several days across the Gaspé Peninsula, we used the towel as an improvised fitting room to put on our swimsuits, as a picnic blanket, to stretch out on the edge of the beach, to wrap for a nap or for its primary function, to dry off after a morning dip! What a comfort to be wrapped in a gigantic, absorbent towel after swimming a little too long in a river of crystal clear cold water.

On the other hand, this much-appreciated thickness makes the drying of the towel a bit long which can be challenging in a camping context. This volume also makes the storage a little painful, but the size of the towel when rolled up is comparable to a big sleeping bag, so it’s frankly not that bad! Especially that the loop strap makes it quite compact.

Finally, the Pendleton Fire Legend Towel For Two is a practical and beautiful camping accessory to stylize your vacation shots!

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