Platypus Gravityworks 4.0L Filter System Reviewed

Text by: Dillon Anthony

Platypus. Platypus Gravityworks 4.0L Filter System Reviewed

While on any adventure, having a clean water source is essential. It may not be the most exciting gear consideration, but the piece of mind gained from a trustworthy system is invaluable. I’ve had experience with other types of filters, and hands down prefer a gravity filter to a pump or tablet solution.

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Our review of this product
9 / 10

The pros are:

  • Easy to use
  • “Set and forget” functionality
  • Fast and efficient

The cons are:

  • Quick disconnect becomes finicky
  • Water flow slows if there’s too much air in the clean bag

water filter system

Over the course of a two-week expedition, the Gravityworks 4.0L Filter System was really put to the test. Along the 700 km canoe trip through the Yukon, the filter cleaned over 500L of water successfully. That would be a conservative estimate as it was the primary source of drinking and cooking water for 12 people.

platypus water filtering system

Using the Platypus Gravityworks 4.0L Filter System

Fill the dirty bag, attach the quick disconnect and reverse the order of the bags with the clean bag above momentarily. With a bit of clean water in the clean bag, this allows a syphoning effect and clears the air bubbles from the tube. You then hang the dirty bag above and allow gravity to do the rest. After a good water flow is established, you can replace the clean bag with any container. This proves particularly useful when filtering for groups. Be mindful of air in the clean bag as this can stop flow during the filtering process.

As with any filter, it performs best with the cleanest source. The first 10 days of the trip, the Yukon River is emerald in colour and quite clear. After the White River tributary, the water has significantly more silt. A quick solution to improve performance is to strain the water through fabric (t-shirt, bandana) when the source is particularly dirty.

water filtering system

Overall Opinion

I highly recommend this product, but personally, will be carrying the 2L version for hiking trips. The 4L was perfect for a larger group. After heavy use, the quick disconnect wasn’t as smooth as it was straight out of the box. The functionality hasn’t been affected, but the unit may require a bit more care and user familiarity. This is now an essential piece of gear and will join me on every future adventure.

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