Prana’s 100% Organic Cotton Guarantee

Text by: Kelsey Begg

prana. Prana’s 100% Organic Cotton Guarantee

As of January 2018, prAna has made a commitment towards producing 100% organic cotton products. The initial decision was made after prAna founders, Pam & Beaver learned the impact of conventional cotton compared to organic cotton after having visited the Organic Cotton Exchange (currently known as Textile Exchange). By solidifying this decision, prAna has become one of the many retailers within the outdoor industry who are dedicated to making a change and contribute to a greener planet and industry.

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Benefits of Organic Cotton

  • No GMO seeds 
  • No toxic chemicals
  • 46% less impact on global warming
  • Utilize crop rotation, intercropping and composting in order to create soil organic matter
  • 71% less water & 62% less energy are used as a result of conserving water and using rainwater
  • Manage pests by utilizing balanced soil, trap crops and beneficial insects
  • 80% rain-fed meaning less pressure on local water resources
  • Beneficial to animals & insects
  • Water is cleaner & safer due to the absence of chemicals
  • Beneficial for farmers & helps build communities
  • Weeds are removed physically or by the process of intercropping


Why 100% Organic Cotton Wasn’t Used Earlier

Moving towards sustainable production is always a process that doesn’t necessarily happen overnight. Before farmers could begin producing 100% organic cotton, their conventional cotton farm needed to be cleansed first which can take a minimum of 3 years. All of the soil that was previously affected by toxic chemicals needs to be deemed certified organic before they can confidently produce 100% organic cotton.

Additional Benefits of Organic Cotton

The organic cotton seeds which the organic cotton is grown from can also be used to produce cottonseed oil. This particular oil is a by-product of the organic cotton growing process and is used in a variety of food products including cookies, chips and vegetable oil. It is also used to feed livestock and can be beneficial for more reasons than just the fabric that it is producing.

By switching one conventional t-shirt to for a t-shirt made of organic cotton, you are saving 115 gallons of water and eliminating toxins from the production process which have previously affected soil, ecosystems and people. You are investing in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and the livelihood of farmers and their families.

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In 2015 alone, prAna aided in the wellbeing and livelihood of 193 farmers and 969 lives. In this same year, prAna kept GMOs, pesticides, and chemicals out of 350 022 hectares of organically certified land – that is 654 NFL football fields combined!

There is more than one reason to switch to 100% organic cotton and prAna has made this life choice as a step towards caring for our planet and the living beings that share it. 

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