Prepping Kids for Their Return to School

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Kids. Prepping Kids for Their Return to School

It’s that time of year again – Back to School. Getting your kids ready for the transition back to school is important whether they’re going for the first time, or they’re seasoned pros. Here are a few tips to help your kids kick off the school year with a bang.


1. Mentally prepare them for the return to school. Have conversations with your kids, especially the little ones who are starting Kindergarten and haven’t been to school before. Ask them what they think school will be like, who they think their teacher will be, and what they’re excited for. Getting them in the mindset for transition, well before transition actually happens, will prepare their minds for the change ahead.


2. Get them excited about the new school year by letting them pick out their own backpack. As parents, we can want to control these decisions, but there are tons of cute options that parents and kids will both love, so give them free reign. Giving kids ownership over their school style will pump them up for what’s ahead and give them something to look forward to, even if they’re not excited about much else.


3. Start thinking about school lunches. The school year requires a lot more planning and organization than sweet summer, and it’s an adjustment for kids and parents. A few weeks before school starts, plan a few lunch ideas and get your groceries in order. Let your kids have a say in the menu and include them if you’re batch prepping salads or sandwiches. Swap juice boxes for a water bottle to keep them hydrated and not lethargic from a sugar crash. If water isn’t their preference, add some fruit to give it some flavour (lemon, cucumber, or peaches are great!). Make sure their lunch boxes can accommodate an ice pack and high protein snacks to fuel them throughout the day – and remember, most schools are peanut free.


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