Publish Brand: Maker of the Infamous Jogger Pant

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Publish. Publish Brand: Maker of the Infamous Jogger Pant

In 2009,  Publish owner and creative director, Michael Huynh took a leap on a sweatpant design for men. The initial result wasn’t what was expected but it wasn’t a complete failure either. Creativity sparked and the buzz over the new design took a promising turn.  Huynh was about to trademark the next hot trend in fashion – the jogger pant.

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During a visit from longtime friend Alex James, the two discussed the slick sweats that James had been wearing. From there, the idea snowballed and a design was in the making. Huynh wanted to create a stylish sweatpant for men that was comfortable but yet still stylish and unlike any other. 

After Huynh had sent the first design to his manufacturer, there was a miscommunication regarding the fabric which soon became far from a dilemma. The original design was meant to have been made with fleece but after some contemplating, the stretch twill which was what the finished product was sent back made of really was going to work after all. Thus you had the creation of the jogger pant! 

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Publish is a renowned American streetwear label defined by its blend of casual menswear and streetwear influences. Their collections cover a variety of products ranging from casual tees and bottoms to button up shirts and jackets. The idea behind the brand’s product line is to provide timeless classics that are both casual and sophisticated, blending Huynh’s passion for art and fashion. Since its debut in the fashion industry, Publish has been a company made up of creative and innovative minds and contemporary designs.

Despite its popularity, Huynh is devoted to ensuring that Publish remains focused on its roots and that this dedication can continue to promote the growth of the brand’s success. Nowadays, the brand now looks after a total of five different brands managed by over 60 dedicated individuals after having started with a team of 5 and has been fortunate enough to work on collaboration projects with companies such as The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Reebok and Timex to name a few. 

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