Quartz Co. Laurentia Jacket VS Canada Goose Rossclair Parka

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Canada Goose, Quartz Co., Winter. Quartz Co. Laurentia Jacket VS Canada Goose Rossclair Parka

Choosing the right winter coat for some can be a dreaded chore and for others, well any excuse to shop is thrilling. When it comes to shopping for a winter coat, you want something that’s going to keep you warm all winter long even on the coldest days. Once you’ve got the warmth you’re looking for, you can dive into all the features and details and find the perfect winter coat just for you.

The Look

Whoever says winter coats aren’t cute and stylish has not seen the Quartz Co. Laurentia Jacket or the Canada Goose Rossclair Parka. Both coats have a fishtail detail on the back giving them a dainty, feminine look. The style can be perfectly matched with a dress or skirt and can also be paired nicely with leggings or pants. Whatever you choose, both coats have a dainty look that can be hard to find when shopping for winter coats.

The Insulation

Finding a winter coat that is warm enough to keep you warm on the coldest winter days is essential to an enjoyable winter season. If you can find a winter coat that is as warm as it is cute and stylish, you’re all set. Conveniently the Laurentia and the Rossclair are just that! Both coats are insulated with down and will not leave you cold when the temperatures drop this winter. The Laurentia is insulated with 650-fill power compared to the Rossclair with 625-fill power but both are rated to keep you warm in temperatures as low as -25

The Length


With their mid-thigh length, both the Laurentia and the Rossclair pack all the warmth you look for in a winter coat. The fishtail detail on the back gives them a longer back length compared to the front. This extra length on the back is ideal for when you have to sit on a cold bench to wait for the bus or you’re standing at a stop light and the winds pick up.

The mid-thigh length is an ideal length for winter coats and is quite possibly the most popular; not too long that your movements are restricted, not so short that your waist may catch a draft or your backside gets cold.

The Features

Winter coats are always full of features to not only improve the wearer’s comfort, but for functionality and look also. Some people will look for specific features when they are looking for a winter coat and often times won’t even look at ones that do not include the sought-after feature. Both these coats have a similar look and similar features but there are slight differences in the details.

Although both coats have a drawcord at the waist to enhance the wearer’s figure, the drawcord on the Laurentia is visible from the front of the jacket whereas the Rossclair has an internal one. The visible drawcord for the waist on the Laurentia adds detail to the overall look of the coat that some ladies will like, and others may not.

For the ladies who spend lots of time constantly going from the cool temperatures outside to the warmer temperatures inside, the interior shoulder straps on the Rossclair may be an ideal feature. The coat simply hangs off your back like a backpack so you can manage your body temperature without having to carry around your big winter coat.

The hood on the Laurentia is removable so if you wish to mix up the style of your coat from one day to the next, you can remove the hood.


Features Both Coats Have:

While the list of individual features is very short for these two coats, due to their similar look, the list of features that both coats share is longer.

One of the features both coats share that we are most proud of is the fact that both brands are made here in Canada. For those looking to make a purchase that not only looks great, but also supports Canada’s economy, whether you choose the Laurentia or the Rossclair, both are a smart purchase. Quartz Co. and Canada Goose are two of the many brands we carry that produce winter coats that are made right here in Canada and use domestically sourced materials and fabrics. Support sustainable productions and shop brands made in Canada.

  • Both coats have fur trim on the hoods which are removable.
  • The hand pockets are fleece-lined handwarmer pockets on both coats.
  • As mentioned previously, both coats have a drawcord at the waist so the shape can be cinched.
  • Both coats have the YKK 2-way zipper up the front and a storm flap with buttons which protects the zipper.

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