Quartz Co. Sirius Jacket VS Nobis Rosco Parka

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Nobis, Quartz Co., Winter. Quartz Co. Sirius Jacket VS Nobis Rosco Parka

While your starting your winter preparations like buying winter tires for your car and packing up the outside hose so your pipes don’t freeze, why not add finding the perfect winter coat to your list too. Without a warm winter coat, you’ll spend half your time outside shivering and daydreaming of hot, summer days at the beach. While that may sound exhilarating to some because they know they’ll never be a fan of the cold winter months, finding the right winter coat could change that disposition.

The Look

For the sophisticated gentleman looking for a winter coat with a little more versatility and storage, the Quartz Co. Sirius Jacket and the Nobis Rosco Parka are a good bet. Both coats have a military look with the large, utility-style pockets on the front. Perfect for a casual stroll around town but also classy enough to dress up for an important appointment, these two coats are great for the urban misters.

The Insulation

When it comes to winter, a warm and sufficiently insulated winter coat is essential. When the storms roll in and there’s no sign of the end for days, you’ve got to bundle up and brave the conditions. For extreme winter conditions where the temperatures really bite, these down insulated coats will be your warm sanctuary. Both the Sirius as well as the Rosco are insulated with down and have a DWR coating making them not only warm, but waterproof as well.

The Length


Both coats have a regular fit and come down to around mid-thigh length. This length is ideal for pairing with a suit jacket or a blazer and has enough coverage to keep you warm while you’re out in the cold. The Sirius is slightly longer in the back compared to the Rosco which may be more appealing to some gentlemen.

The Features

Both coats have a similar look and similar features but there are some differences making one model more appealing to some and vice versa. The Sirius as well as the Rosco both have four large, cargo-style pockets on the front although the styles of the pockets are quite different. The pockets on the Rosco have a more three dimensional look and stick out from the coat slightly whereas the pockets on the Sirius are flat against the front of the coat.

For those looking to make a smart purchase that not only looks great, but also supports Canada’s economy, the Quartz Co. Sirius Jacket is made here in Canada. Quartz Co. is one of the many brands we carry that produce winter coats that are made right here in Canada and use domestically sourced materials and fabrics. Support sustainable productions and shop brands made in Canada.

If you are looking for a winter coat without a fur trim on the hood, the Rosco may be your winner as it does not have a fur trim. Having said that, if your heart is really set on the look of the Sirius but you don’t wish to have a fur trim, do not worry. Like many winter coats, the fur trim is removable and can easily be taken off for cleaning reasons or for to change up the look.

For the coldest days with wild winds blowing in all directions, the Sirius has an adjustable waist so you can cinch it and keep the winds out.

Along with the fur trim being removable on the Sirius, the entire hood is also removable. This is not the case for the Rosco so depending on what uses you are using you winter coat for and what look you want, having a removable hood may or may not be an essential feature.


Features Both Coats Have:

  • Both coats have a durable, 2-way zipper to increase mobility when needed.
  • As mentioned above, both coats have four large, cargo-style pockets on the front.
  • There is a storm flap covering the zipper on the front of both coats which provides added protection from the cold.

Quartz Co. Sirius Jacket

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