Quartz Nature Rebrands as Quartz Co.

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Quartz Co., Winter. Quartz Nature Rebrands as Quartz Co.

Quartz Co. which was formerly known as Quartz Nature in past years, is back at it again this season producing some of the best warm and lightweight parkas that we have grown to love. The one thing we find ourselves loving the most is that they are made right here in Canada!

Over the past year, the brand has undergone some changes and are charging this season’s winter fashion market hard with their new identity and their new 2016/2017 collection.

The new face of Quartz Co. is thanks to brothers and partners, Jean-Philippe and Francois-Xavier Robert. With both gentlemen growing up in close quarters with the fashion district of Montreal, they know what styles work and what people want thus creating the main focus for this year’s collection: timeless features.

These timeless features include the cut of the coats as well as the colours chosen, both of which will age well even when the fashion trends change. So if you’re one to follow the trends as they come throughout the years, you can surely rely on your Quartz Co. parka to keep you warm and looking great!
It’s more than just the timeless features that we love about Quartz Co.. For years they have produced high quality, lightweight and warm parkas that are trusted by explorers, pilots and even scientists who experience some of the most extreme winter conditions. With a reputation this good, it’s hard not too love the domestically manufactured brand.
Known for a little bit more of a boxier fit in the past, the new collection for Quartz Co. boasts a variety of more stylish, form-fitting parkas that are not only great for those living an active city lifestyle but for those exploring the great outdoors as well. The new collection has three main fit styles; fitted, semi-fitted/regular and relaxed, so anyone can find a style that they will love!

Check out the re-branded Quartz Nature and zip up a Quartz Co. jacket this winter season. Look great, keep cozy and support a Canada-made company. We’re sure you’ll love the new face of the brand!


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  1. Sleeve cuffs are showing a lot of wear after three years of minimal use!!Paid almost 700.00 and expected a little better from a Canadian Co.

  2. Do not buy. Company doesn’t stand by its product. The fabric I. The sleeve ends and side of jacket was falling apart. Instead of replacing the jacket they shortened the sleeves and restiched the sides. The jacket is now shorter on the sleeves and tighter all round. Save your money and buy a Canada goose.

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