Real Fur Has Imperfections, it is a Fact

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Canada Goose, Mackage, Nobis, Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Real Fur Has Imperfections, it is a Fact

In the past, fur was worn for warmth and survival as opposed to style. Worn correctly, the fur trim on a hood still provides additional protection against the cold.

If you enjoy wearing fur for the style, it is important to know that like humans, animals are not perfect and there will be imperfections in the fur.

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Fur that is used for luxury winter coats comes from animals that are either raised for their fur or are sourced from authorized trappers. It is not uncommon to have a fur trim that may be slightly more voluptuous on one end. It is also not uncommon to notice inconsistencies in the fur’s thickness.

Odours are not uncommon as well. The fur has been treated because it was once part of an animal. Just like a well-shampooed head of hair, animal fur will have an odour. 

It is not possible to source fur from an animal that is 100% perfect with zero imperfections or odours. That is why humans created faux-fur and editing tools like Photoshop.

If you are looking for picture perfect fur, you may prefer shopping for faux fur. 

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