The Buyer Notes: Reef

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Reef. The Buyer Notes: Reef

Reef is a Brazilian company founded in the ’80s by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre, South American entrepreneurial brothers whom loved surfing and the beach culture. The company was born from an idea to create a high quality beach sandal.

To give birth to their idea, the brothers traveled to Southern California to manage their brand. In 1984 they moved production to Sao Paulo, Brazil. They became known, and the leader of the industry, thanks to their renowned open shoe.

reef sneakers surf sandals

Inspired by the beautiful women of South America, the brothers saw an opportunity to present their customers a new element called Miss Reef, which went on to become a modern icon in the global surfing community.

reef sneakers surf miss

At this stage, Reef has developed a line of sneakers and shoes with a much more urban spin, as well as a line of men’s clothing. This season we have introduced the sneakers for both men and women. We will also be stocking their flip-flops.

reef sneakers surf sandals

reef sneakers surf sandals


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