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Kamik, Kids. Review of the Kamik Octopus Boots

The Rundown

It can be tough shopping for kid’s clothing. They can be pretty fickle about what they wear, and once you find something they do like, they grow out of it before you know it.  That’s what I love about Kamik. They sell quality boots in great kid-friendly themes and colors at a price that won’t leave you heart broken if your child grows out of them too quickly.

Our review of this product
9.5 / 10

The pros are:

Pull on handles

Fun design and colors

Well made and well priced

The cons are:


My Story

My kids seem to go through their clothes faster then my wife and I can buy them.  So we always try to maintain a balance between quality, price (and, of course, products that the kids’ like).  We had all of these things in mind when we were looking for new rain-boots for our 3 year old boy, and I think we really hit the bulls-eye with the Kamik Octopus boots.


As I wrote before, kids (well, my kids anyway) can be pretty fickle about clothing.  My son is no different, and if he doesn’t like something, getting him to wear it is a real challenge.  “Sea Creatures” is a fun theme that in my experience is almost universally liked by children. The Octopus boots are adorned with an array of cute sea critters and are available in two classic colors schemes that will appeal to boys and girls. If sea creatures don’t appeal to your child, Kamik also offers other themed boots as well as solid patterns in a variety of colors.

Fit and Finish

The Octopus boots fit true to size, relative to other footwear we’ve tried.   They are solidly constructed from waterproof vulcanized rubber, with a seamed outsole and an excellent tread that will help prevent slipping on wet surfaces.  Finally, these boots aren’t too heavy (sorry mom and dad, they won’t slow your little one down).



Small details do make a difference, and these boots have two notable features.  First, a removable “comfort” insole to supports the foot and facilitates cleaning and drying the inner.  Secondly, and every parent knows how important this is – pull on handles that will make getting the boots on and off much easier for you and your child.



I love the Kamik brand, particularly for children, because I think it strikes the perfect balance between cost and quality.  You can find less expensive boots, no question about it. But if they start to leak after a couple of months, you haven’t saved anything.  You can also find higher end boots, but the value might not be there if your child grows out of them in a season or less.  Kamik really hits the nails it on value with a product that is well made and well priced.


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