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Patagonia. Review of  the Patagonia A/C Shirt

The Rundown

“Look cool, stay cool”.  Ok, I’ll admit it.  In my case the “look cool” part may just be wishful thinking.  But the “stay cool” part is easy when I’m wearing the Patagonia A/C shirt. It is light, breathable, wicks away moisture and best of all it never gets wrinkled.  If you’re like me and struggle to say cool during summer heat, that’s an unbeatable combination.

Our review of this product
9.3 / 10

The pros are:

Light & Breathable



The cons are:


My Story

I love the heat, but it doesn’t always love me.  Whether I was sporting a “Beach-bod” or a “Dad-bod”, I’ve always struggled to stay cool in the Summer. So, when I saw the A/C shirt and read Patagonia’s claim that the fabric was like “Like air conditioning for your skin”, I just had to try it for myself.


I always hesitate to write about style because it is such a subjective thing.  Nevertheless, I think this is a very versatile garment that is not out of place whether you’re taking the dog for a walk or going out for drinks on a Friday night.

Fit and Finish

The fit is loose and in my case I wear one size smaller than I would in most other brands.  The cut is also on the short side, so you can wear it un-tucked without looking sloppy.  The finish is premium. The shirt is made from an open weave, organic cotton “crinkle” fabric (more about that later) which is soft, light, and durable.  Seams and buttons are very well sewn and the color holds up well wash after wash.

Care and Maintenance

One of my favorite things about this shirt is how easy it is to care for.   The crinkle fabric doesn’t crease or wrinkle, so even after 12 hours of wear it looks as good as when you put it on in the morning.  Also very important to me – it never needs ironing.  Wash it, dry it, wear it.  Finally, this shirt is really durable. I have two of them, purchased two years apart.  The older one is going into its third Summer and after countless rides in the washing machine and hours and hours of wear, it looks virtually as good as the one I just purchased.


So now for the $95 question:  does it live up to the “Air Conditioning” moniker?   The answer is unequivocally yes.  Patagonia bills this as the “ultimate performance shirt for hot and humid climates”, and I can’t argue with them. The open weave crinkle fabric really works to combat heat in multiple ways. First, the “crinkles” mean that the fabric never sits totally flat on your skin, allowing air to circulate and cool you down. Second, the open weave in the fabric allows most perspiration to flow through, keeping you and the garment reasonably dry. Lastly, when the shirt does get damp, it doesn’t stick to your skin like most fabrics do, so you stay more comfortable.


Admittedly, $95 isn’t inexpensive for a casual shirt.  But the real test of value isn’t how much something costs but what you get for your money.  In this case what you get is a garment that is versatile, low maintenance, and extremely durable. Best of all, it does what it promises to do – help to keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather.   In my book that’s good value.


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