Salomon Snowcross 2 CSWP Shoes Reviewed

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I am a huge fan of the Salomon Speedcross line of trail running shoes, I have had at least 6 pairs of them and have seen the improvements over the years. So I was quite happy to put the snowcross 2 CSWP to the test. CSWP stands for ClimaSalomon Waterproof – I hate acronyms – so let’s just say CSWP means waterproof, but by the look of the shoe you probably already knew that. 3 words: Dry feet winter running (Ok that’s four)

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Our review of this product
9.5 / 10

The pros are:

  • Keeps your feet dry
  • Lightweight 
  • Good traction in soft snow

The cons are:

  • No spikes for ice or firm snow traction on the sole

To test the Snowcross, I headed to the Gault Nature Reserve in Mont-St-Hilaire with its 25kms of snowy trails, microclimate, beautiful lake and the highest number of UFO sightings in Quebec (as per Wikipedia). It is honestly the best spot to run mountain trails close to Montreal (and to spot UFOs).

The snowcross is, in fact, a Speedcross with an added gaiter, zipper and waterproofing. You find the same quicklace system (+), lightweight design and a similar contagrip sole with fair to good traction. The low weight is very impressive to me for a shoe that packs so much, it weighs in at 371g  (size 9), only about 100g heavier than the shoe version. It does make a difference when running long distances, you are faster and less fatigued.

Some complain that this second version of the snowcross got rid of the spikes. Personally, I feel that the sole provided enough traction while remaining comfortable on the occasions where you meet pavement. Also, I was worried that my wide feet would make it difficult to close the zipper or that the shoe would be too snug. Rest assured, it is not the case and it fits true to size. As for the waterproofing – it works very well. I tried on purpose to get some snow or water inside and unless I was standing in 4-6 inches of water, my feet were completely dry. This would make it suitable for running in muddy Spring trail conditions.

Overall, the Snowcross 2 CSWP is the perfect winter companion when running on trails, slushy conditions or perhaps mud.

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