Scarpa Crux Approach Shoe Reviewed

Text by: Kevin Shepard

Hiking & Trekking, Scarpa. Scarpa Crux Approach Shoe Reviewed

The Scarpa Crux was provided to me by altitude sports and has been serving me very well on many hikes and climbs. Being a stiff shoe, it took a bit longer than other footwear to fully break in and get a nice comfy feel, but now after a few walks around the block (and a few hikes around the apline) these shoes will be worn almost daily.

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Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Impressive traction
  • Durable
  • Good Value
  • Eco-Friendly product

The cons are:

  • Maybe too stiff for some
  • Not a long distance, or bush hiker
The Shoe fits snug so you might want to consider going a half size up (US). The Vibram soles are very tacky to maximize grip and the rigid design give lots of purchase while climbing over boulders or scrambling up to some of your favourite climbs.
The deep lace weave helps customize where you need tension directed on your foot, and the toe of the shoe leaves enough room for comfort when you have them cinched tight. The toe and most the shoe is coated in a solid rubber material which keeps your feet nice and dry, even when tracking through shallow sections of water and mud.
I was reading up on these shoes and found out that almost all of the materials consist of %25-%100 recycled materials, including the rubber, laces, lining, webbing and leather. Not to mention the Midsole has some sort of additive to promote “degradation in a landfill in conditions” can’t say I have ever heard of that, but good to see companies trying to be more eco-friendly.
The Scarpa Crux is a great overall shoe for hiking most places and even walking around town and trails. At a reasonable price, it doesn’t break the bank and provides with everything you need in a hiking shoe and is perfect for approaches and scrambles.
Thanks Altitude Sports! This shoe aided some nice hikes and climbs, now it will be perfect to carry me through the fall and winter!

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