Sea to Summit X Set 31 Reviewed

Text by: Julian Thomas

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The Sea to Summit X Set 31 was a lifesaver on our cycling adventure. Being able to transport an entire cooking set in a package this small was extremely helpful. Without this kit, we would not have been able to cook as well as we did throughout the trip.  Shop Sea to Summit

Our review of this product
9 / 10

The pros are:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight

The cons are:

  • Could be slightly more sturdy

sea to summit pot set

First Impressions

The kit includes two mugs, two bowls and one large cooking pot. All of the sides collapse to a disk of less than an inch high, making them extremely compact when folded. You can fit both mugs and both bowls inside of the pan.

This set is available in 2 different colours making it ideal for a team of two. Each member can, therefore, have their own mug and bowl. 

sea to summit

Features & Design

The pan is made of a lightweight aluminium bottom, flexible silicone sides and a hard plastic lid that locks into place. It is relatively quick to boil water and the silicone sides do not get hot making it easy to handle. When washing with hot water you can easily remove any burn stains. 

During the trip, we camped nearly every night. After having used the set over 50 times it still performs just like when we first received it. We used it with a portable gas tank and it worked fine, but I feel like it would be more efficient on a larger gas stove. Our X-Pot would sometimes burn in the middle, but I would imagine it would happen to any other pan as well.

sea to summit pot

Overall Performance

We were able to use it to cook various preparations such as couscous, pasta, sauces and soups. The mugs were used for hot chocolate and tea after long cold days of biking. All of this in such a small yet efficient package. No more bulky cooking gear!

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