Smartwool: Discover the PhD Collection

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Smartwool. Smartwool: Discover the PhD Collection

Smartwool is a brand dedicated to creating durable and comfortable socks that are reliable for a variety of outdoor activities. They know that a simple pair of socks can make all the difference for an outdoor experience. For over twenty years, the brand has been creating socks and other products made from merino wool fabrics because of their moisture wicking and odor-managing properties. No matter what activity you choose, Smartwool products are sure to be a comfortable choice.

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smartwool phd collection

The PhD Collection

Smartwool’s PhD collection caters directly to those outdoor enthusiasts who run often or embark on other adventures where technical apparel is crucial. Each product within the PhD collection is designed with comfort and performance in mind and choose fabrics and designs to enhance both. In addition to being odor-proof, the PhD products feature additional sections made of breathable fabrics in areas where the wearer is more prone to perspiration.These added fabric features allow the wearer to remain fresh and dry while exercising.

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Men’s PhD Ultra Light Long Sleeve

phd ultra light ls phd long sleeve shirt

Get out even in cool weather in Smartwool’s Ultra Light Long Sleeve shirt. Ultralight, and made of merino wool, you’re sure to remain warm even when the cool winds blow. Run without hesitation or restriction thanks to the elasticity of the polyester fabric. In addition to this shirts elasticity and warmth, it is also breathable making it ideal for intense activities. The PhD Ultra Light Long Sleeve shirt also features mesh in strategically placed locations in order enhance its moisture-wicking properties. 

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smartwool phd collection

Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Sock

black sock white sock grey sock

Equipped with an Elite 4Degree® fitting system, ReliaWool® impact protection, and ventilation panels, the Run Ultra Light Micro sock is sure to please. Ventilation zones provide ultimate temperature and moisture management so your feet remain fresh and dry even when you’re working hard. The stretchy fabric and nearly seamless toe ensure a comfortable fit without any undesirable hot spots where blisters may occur.

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Women’s PhD Tights

phd tights phd tights back

Colder temperatures are not an excuse to postpone your running routine. Equip yourself with a pair of PhD Women’s tights and go beyond your limits. These tight fitting tights are made of merino wool to regulate your body temperature and allow moisture to escape during exercise. Two pockets at the back will allow you to bring along a phone or credit card with without restricting your movements.

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PhD Outdoor Medium Crew

crew hike sock

Throw on a pair of the PhD Outdoor Medium Crew socks for your next hike in the woods. As breathable as they are durable, you’ll get more than a few great hikes in these socks. Climb up or down the steepest slopes without any worries thanks to a cushion that will protect your foot from impacts. There is also a nearly seamless tip which guarantees comfort, no matter what shoe you wear.

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