Smartwool Men’s Smartloft 60 Shirt Jacket Reviewed

Text by: Ted Morton

Smartwool. Smartwool Men’s Smartloft 60 Shirt Jacket Reviewed

First things, first, typically I don’t really have the opportunity to wear/purchase clothing items that are more fashion over function. My job as an event organizer, guide and mountain bike dirtbag, see me spend more time in clothing that is 90%function 10% fashion. I was pretty excited to try a piece of Smartwool that in my opinion is more fashionable than functional. However, after getting the jacket/sweater, I was really surprised in how functional this piece is.  Smartwool knows what’s up, making gear that keeps you warm, dry and gets compliments from hipsters at your local brewpub is no easy feat.

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Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Button up closures on the front
  • Two zippered chest pockets
  • Two handwarmer pockets
  • Tapered back – longer for better coverage
  • Collared Neck

The cons are:

  • I only have one consideration when it comes to this item, the button closure in the front. The overlap is awesome, but buttons always let a little bit more wind in than a traditional zipper. However, this garment is meant to look sophisticated, and that’s the point of the buttons!


The garment I’m reviewing is the Smartwool Smartloft 60 Sweater/Jacket. It’s constructed of a Nylon outer, with the underarm trim/sides being made of Merino Wool/Polyester, and the fill is 88% Wool, 12% Nylon.
Truly, this jacket is a perfect piece for running town errands, fall front and mid-country adventures, and for those awkward weather days where it’s chilly in the morning, warming in the afternoon and cooling at night. It’s also the best piece if you’re super busy like me and often go from fieldwork to office meetings, and need something that can blend the two.
One of the features that really gets me excited is that the fill is Wool, NOT down. Wool fill is super warm, it dries extremely fast and is less susceptible to bunching or clumping than down. What this means is the jacket can withstand water much better than down. So for fall missions, it’s a great piece to layer with.
The Merino Wool lining is also super high quality, with great seams, and did I mention it’s smell-proof? Ever spent evening cooking a curry only to have all of your house smell like spices and onion, fear not, your jacket is fine! This is a huge feature, as lots of people are hesitant to wash garments like this, so it means you spend less time washing and more time eating curry and looking good!


Dialled! I’m a medium type guy in every sense. Pretty average. Except when it comes to my chest, I always find mediums a little tight through the back and chest, but this item gives the perfect amount of room to wear a light sweater or long sleeve underneath without feeling bunched up. I’m 5’9″ 160lbs, if you’re super skinny fear not! If you’re the incredible hulk, also, no worries!


I’ve worn this on a few easy dual sports rides on my motorcycles, lots of town days running errands, and a handful of hiking/fishing trips.

Overall Opinion

I’m giving this jacket the coveted 10 out of 10, it does everything you need it to do functionally, fits perfect, doesn’t smell and looks good enough that my Mom says “you’ve grown up” when I wear it. But hey I did turn 31.

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