Smartwool Smartloft 150 Hoodie Reviewed

Text by: Cameron Argyle-Robinson

Smartwool. Smartwool Smartloft 150 Hoodie Reviewed

If you haven’t read my previous blog review on the Merino 150 Baselayer Short Sleeve Shirt explaining a wee bit of the history and reason’s why Merino wool is so good, go read it before carrying on!

Although this may look like another trendy hoodie to wear day to day, the Smartloft 150 Hoodie is much more than that. Let’s look at the build materials before getting into the functionality of it.

The black strips made with Merino that run from the pelvis to the neck on the sides stretch allowing a very comfortable fit on the skin and unrestrictive range of motion for when you are skiing, climbing or trying to reach for your favourite coffee mug in the kitchen. Because of the choice to have Merino wool close to the body for comfort and warmth, it also helps keep the odour down due to the natural properties that the wool is made up from.

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Our review of this product

The pros are:

  • Very warm and comfortable
  • Lots of pockets
  • Great fit for activities and casual wear

The cons are:

  • I honestly couldn’t find any

150g of recycled wool that fills the quilted front, back and hood doesn’t sound like a lot but boy oh boy is it. That is more than enough for me to break into a sweat when scraping the frost off the truck in the morning. It doesn’t sound like enough wool to keep one warm but it is even when wet. That is the huge bonus to having a wool product; it still retains heat when other products don’t.

On top of that, it has as many pockets as you would need and more. A zippered chest pocket is a must for a technical piece of gear. Being able to put keys, phone or a Cliff bar in there to keep warm on the cold days is ideal. It’s insulated and also has a tiny wee hole for an earbud cable to run through. The hand pocket’s on the side are also zipped and insulated with the soft wool lining the inside which is a delight on cold days. Then on the inside, there are 2 sleeves as I like to them of them. Accessed from above they are for putting gloves or a toque in there I think as there is as an egg-sized hole at the bottom of each one.

The Smartloft 150 Hoodie also has the thumb loops which are ideal and awesome when you have multiple layers on, nothing worse than having a sleeve that’s halfway up the arm inside a jacket.

So onto how the hoodie is for day to day life. I have primarily used it for casual wear and going hiking. When hiking it has been warm enough before I start the hike then once I start building up my heart rate and warm up, it is exceptionally breathable. It allows the moisture to be absorbed and dissipated no thanks to the Merino wool which is fantastic! It packs down to a small size so throwing it in the day bag isn’t something to think much about.

I’m looking forward to using this jacket as a layer for skiing on the slopes and touring in the backcountry. An ideal mid layer and camp hoodie to be able to throw on after an excellent day in the mountains!

All in all I absolutely love with the Smartloft 150 Hoodie and I have no doubts that you will be too!

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