Sportful: the Cross-Country Skiing Experts

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Sportful. Sportful: the Cross-Country Skiing Experts

If you’re a cross-country skiing veteran, you know that what you wear is crucial for your performance. Baggy, loose-fitting clothing is not ideal and due to the intensity of the activity, you want to wear apparel that is highly breathable. Sportful is a brand dedicated to performance and with expertise in cross-country skiing products to boot! Catering to the cross-country skiing fanatics in the winter months, Sportful offers a wide variety of technical products. Shop Sportful

After first gaining popularity in the Dolomites in 1973, Sportful continues to produce exceptional products that the most critical cross-country skier is bound to love. The brand was first founded by cross-country skier, Giordano Cremonese, who himself was in search of technical and reliable cross-country skiing apparel. While it is a high-intensity sport, it was important to Giordano to have clothing that he could rely on to keep him warm on races of 70km or more. With that in mind, he produced slim-fitting garments made from lightweight, breathable materials designed to offer a full range of movement so you can skate and glide freely and comfortably for 5km, 20km or 70km and more.

Women’s Rhythmo W Jacket


Women’s Doro WS Jacket


Men’s Xplore Jacket


Men’s Apex WS Jacket


Slim fitting cuts and technical yet lightweight materials are at the centre of Sportful’s designs. From utilizing features such as Stretch ThermoDrytex inserts to optimize protection and breathability, to minimal seaming located on the front to eliminate rain penetration. Sportful takes into consideration every small detail to ensure optimal comfort and performance from the beginning of your activity until the last kick and glide of the day.

Women’s Doro WS Pant


Women’s Snowflake Pant


Men’s Cardio Wind Pant


Men’s Xplore Pant


Sportful’s cross-country skiing products are broken down into eight different collections. Each collection will have a range of products available in both men’s and women’s models and range from as few as four products to more. While some collections such as the Squadra and Apex collection offer similar looking products, minor differences such as added insulation or weather protection hold them apart. 

Whether you’re new to cross-country skiing or you are simply looking to upgrade your activity wardrobe, Sportful products are sure to impress. Thanks to their lightweight materials and the brand’s focus on comfort, functionality and performance, you can kick and glide and slide with ease for hours at a time.

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