Spring Essentials for your Slushy, Warm Weather Commute

Text by: Kelsey Begg

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With the spring weather comes warmer temperatures which turns the snow into rain and leads to slushy messes in the streets. These slushy messes turn snow piles into the dreaded puddles that form inconvenient moats around sidewalks so you’re left stranded looking for the driest route to the other side. There’s nothing worse then starting your eight-hour work day with soggy socks or wet pant bottoms so ensure that you’re prepared with the spring essentials for your slushy, warm weather commute.

Spring Essentials

As the old saying goes, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” you can generally expect frigid weather to welcome the month of March and trail into April with milder temperatures and rain. Although the rain can be gloomy for some, it does lead to delicate flowers showing off their pastel colours and luscious scents come spring.

Like a toque, scarf and pair of mitts in the winter, a sturdy umbrella and dependable rain boots will be your allies on a slushy, spring day. These essentials will make your day-to-day routines much more enjoyable and bearable and can even be the difference between a spectacular day and the worst day of your week.

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Rubber rain boots have been all the rage since day one and there’s no doubt that they are one of the most practical and convenient styles of footwear. That invincible feeling that overwhelms you as you strut through deep puddles of slush through the streets while the lesser-prepared-folks play a game of lava and try their best to avoid the bottomless slush pits.

Brands like Hunter, BOGS and Aigle carry a number of boots to choose from ranging in style and colours. Whether you’re looking for a short, ankle-height boot that’s classy enough to wear with a dress or skirt or some tall boots for the ultimate coverage so no puddle is too deep, there’s a style for everyone.

Don’t worry fellas, there are sophisticated looking rain boots for the most stylish gentlemen as well. Whether you’re looking for a low-cut or a tall fit, there are a variety of styles to choose from so you can find the perfect rain boot that fits your look and lifestyle.

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Eagle Creek

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Do you ever leave in the morning seeing blue sky and sunshine everywhere and have the unpleasant surprise of making the trek home in a torrential downpour that you are 100% not prepared for? Yah, it sucks.

Weather Forecasts can sometimes be misleading and aren’t always 100% correct so having an available umbrella for backup is always ideal. Most umbrellas are quite compact and can easily fit into a handbag, backpack or suitcase so keeping one stowed away for a rainy day really is convenient. It’s readily available when you need a little rain protection and will be a heaven sent when you left the house without your dependable raincoat.

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For those folks who are hands-on people and find umbrellas inconvenient, a decent raincoat is a must. If you live in an area where when it rains, it pours, a GORE-TEX® jacket would be a wise decision.

There are plenty of styles, fits and lengths so you’re sure to find the right raincoat whether you want something for sports, commuting or just walking about the city.

With the variety of styles, sizes and lengths, there are also all the small features to look out for when choosing your raincoat. Some raincoats will be far more technical than others and offer more specific features such as armpit zips or simply the placement of pockets. Choosing the right raincoat for your lifestyle or specific activities can be a challenge so check out our How to Find the Perfect Raincoat guide.

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