Taking a Look at the Rab Zero G Jacket

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Rab. Taking a Look at the Rab Zero G Jacket

For the last while now, down has flooded the outdoor industry market with ultralight, pack-able yet extremely warm products that appeal to all outdoor adventurers whether a minimalist or not. It’s weight to warmth ratio makes down quite possibly the most sought after insulation for outdoor garments and gear such as sleeping bags.

Rolling with the continuous popularity of down products, Rab has stepped up their garment game with their Zero G Jacket insulated with 1000FP down. Down FP (fill power) is measured by the loft or fluffiness of the down so the fluffier the down, the higher the FP. Down with a higher FP can trap more air thus creating more and better insulation. Generally the rating is by how much air an ounce of down can trap; the more air that is trapped equals the more warmth that is being produced.



The Zero G Jacket is not only super lightweight and warm but it is also tough enough to withstand alpine adventures in the harshest winter conditions. For these reasons, this jacket is extremely appealing to climbers and mountaineers and has been labeled as the ultimate alpine down jacket.

With hand-warmer pockets and a down stuffed hood, Rab have taken into account all the little details to produce the ultimate lightweight yet sturdy down jacket to keep all alpine adventurers safe and comfortable.

Whether you are an alpinist looking for the lightest and most performant gear or you simply drool over new technology and the latest and greatest gear, the Rab Zero G Jacket will be the ultimate addition to your outdoor apparel collection.

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