The 6 Essentials for Cycling: Smith Glasses Pivlock V2 Super Platinum Ignitor Clear Lens

Text by: Maxime Juneau

Smith Optics. The 6 Essentials for Cycling: Smith Glasses Pivlock V2 Super Platinum Ignitor Clear Lens

Made without a frame for maximal visibility, the Smith PivLocks will please cyclists that, like me, are looking for light, comfortable and versatile glasses.

Our review of this product
8.6 / 10

The pros are:


3 Interchangeable Lenses

Optimal Visibility

The cons are:

Non polarized

These glasses are sold with three interchangeable lenses (black, ignator, and clear) and adapt perfectly to the various lightings you encounter while riding. So, whether you go for a ride under the blistering sun, when the sky is overcast or at dusk, you can always adapt your glasses to your needs.

The system that allows you to change the lenses with a 45 degree rotation of the temples can be quite scary at first (you sometimes feel like you’re going to twist and break the lens), but once you get a hang of it, you realize there’s no danger.

The nose pads are also adjustable, which allows a good fit that’s perfect for cycling since they never slip when you have your head down and their simple construction allow great ventilation of the face, even in a long uphill ride. However, that’s also its weakness: the absence of a frame (great visibility and comfort) seems to protect a little less from the dust.

I also read from many people that tried this pair of glasses that they scratch easily, but it hasn’t been the case for me so far.

Last little deception, they’re not polarized. I know that when biking it’s not a necessity, but for that price, I would have liked to have that benefit for other sports like cross-country skiing or fishing.

That being said, even with its little drawbacks, if you’re looking for comfortable performance glasses for cycling or running, these glasses could very well be perfect for you.

 Thanks to Marc-Olivier Toupin for this product review. He’s a member of Maxime Juneau’s TCT cycling team.

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