The Buyer Notes: Electric

Text by: Altitude Sports Collaboration

Electric. The Buyer Notes: Electric

A Californian company, Electric’s goal is to provide quality products/accessories to surfers and snowboarders. This passionate team works hard to create a wide range of products with clean, simple lines which have a style that cannot be ignored.

Electric sunglasses wallets

Their collections are without a doubt urban-inspired and casual. Aside from some products made specifically for sports, most of the collection is made for everyday usage.

Electric became known due to their sunglasses and snow goggles, but more and more their brand is growing and they are producing helmets, watches, bags and more. Electric even has their own line of urban casual wear.

electric sunglasses surf skate ski will stock their sunglasses for men and women, watches as well as accessories including wallets and belts. The selection will grow this coming winter to include ski helmets and goggles. Your heads will turn!

electric sunglasses surf skate ski