Fjällräven’s 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Fjällräven. Fjällräven’s 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Over the past year, Fjällräven has really proven itself and left its mark in the industry. The fox logo became pretty famous in our streets, on the bus and among the outdoors community. While making totally stylish clothes, the Swedish company puts a lot of emphasis on one key factor: responsibility.

Our goal is a healthier outdoor life, now and for future generations.”

It is very important for the organisation to put efforts towards creating functional, timeless and long-lasting products. This way, Fjällräven brings the lowest negative impact on the environment as possible.

In 2013, the company launched “The Fjällräven Way“, a tool designed to direct the employees and creators’ actions. Using the concept of a compass and cardinal directions, it focuses the notion of responsibility towards four areas of activity: Nature & Environment, Economy & Business Processes, Social Responsibility & Well-being.

We’ve been waiting a couple of months for the new fall/winter collection, and it’s finally here. Take a look at the new stuff we have in stock.

Some items from the men’s collection:



Fjällräven has a wide assortment of Fall and Winter garments to keep you warm so you can focus more on your adventures and less on the elements. This Fall/Winter seasons, Fjällräven offers the same unique designs we have grown to love year-after-year such as the Greenland Jacket and the Värmland T-neck sweater. Add a little Fjällräven to your Fall/Winter wardrobe with some of their classics!


Some items from the women’s collection:



Fjällräven has a women’s collection that’ll tickle the fancy of any outdoorsy gal. From cozy sweaters and hoodies like the Övik Knit Sweater to the classic Nuuk Parka, you’ll end the Fall/Winter season with style and comfort that suits your outdoor lifestyle. Let your inner mountain explorer shine and add some Fjällräven to your closet!


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