The Chalet Look for Men: Back to the Roots

Text by: Étienne Roy-Martel

Barbour, Fjällräven, Sorel, UGG Australia. The Chalet Look for Men: Back to the Roots

For me, the chalet is one of the only place where I can really cool down and take time to breathe. However, even if the country house is in the woods, I like to keep a refined yet comfy look while I’m there. I would say that the words ”heritage” and ”authenticity” guided and inspired me in the selection of the amazing items you’ll find down below.
model-chalet-homme (1)
The Greenland No.1 jacket from Fjällräven (1) is perfect to keep me warm. Its natural down insulation makes it light and performant.
This Barbour’s shirt (2) is from far one of my favorites. With the British influenced pattern and its adjusted fit, it breathes comfort and great class. Perfect to lounge around in the country.
Styles come and go, but Sorel’s quality is here to stay. The 1964 boots (6) will for sure keep your feet warm and dry, even during our harsh winters.
The UGG Australia’s gloves (3) are perfect to keep my hands protected from the cold. Putting them on is great: you immediately feel the quality of the sheep skin and they look just amazing.
I chose The Brixton’s Wesley Fedora hat (4) for its classic style. As soon as I put it on my head, I feel like it gives me and original look.
This sheep wool scarf from Barbour (10) is ultra-soft and very versatile. With the classic tartan pattern, you can wear it on various occasions. It also goes well with the Fjällräven hat (9).

Filson bags are made by hand in Seattle since 1987. This one (8) isn’t an exception. Made with heavy-duty waxed cotton and high-end leather.
Opinel knifes are extremely well made. To prove its good design: it’s been made the same way for the past 100 years. My dad had an Opinel, I have an Opinel and my son will for sure own an Opinel. I decided to go with the Classic No.8 (11).
Even on my days off, not wearing a watch is not an option. Being a pretty personal item, a good watch is supposed to follow you around at all time. I went with the Machinaw Field Crono (12) for its versatile style and great craftmanship.
Sometimes, the road to get there can be long. The Stanley Thermos (13) keeps beverages hot or cold for as long as 24 hours – so having it with me in the car is a great option. I know my coffee will still be warm when I want to drink it.

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