The Chalet Look for Women: Enjoy & Relax

Text by: Adrienne Auclair

Barbour, FIG Clothing, Sorel, Swims, The North Face, Woolrich, Woolrich John Rich & Bros. The Chalet Look for Women: Enjoy & Relax

Spending most of my time at the chalet is my goal for the winter. Because who says chalet says relaxing, comfort and mostly, simplicity.

To be warm and cozy during the long walks, I chose the Woolrich John & Rich Bros’s Military Eskimo Jacket (1). The fit is just perfect. It is long enough to protect me from the cold winds and roomy enough to stay comfy while driving. The fur located in the hood protects my neck and goes down all the way until the zipper end. A double protection against the wind. The military style is noticeable in the numerous pockets we can find on the coat – all with their own zipper, wich is great to keep my stuff safe from the elements.

Do I have to mention that gloves are a must-have item for Canadian winters? Keep them in your purse or in the car. The Barbour’s Harton Gloves (3) have a cashmere lining for a maximum of comfort.

The Barbour’s Etal Dress (2) is made to be comfortable while giving you an elegant look (you never know – the neighbors might invite you over for dinner).

Please, for the country, forget about tights! Go for the Bodo pants from FIG Clothing (4). They are so soft and easy to wear.
Arc’teryx Veilance

Woolrich John Rich & Bros Fig Clothing Barbour Barbour SOREL

Are the Sorel’s Joan Knit boots (7) the treasure of your winter? I can believe it, because they are mine. They are perfect to play in the snow with the nephews and nieces, but a little hard to drive in. To get to the chalet (and in fact – to work every day of the week), I wear the Toronto boots (5), also made by Sorel. Lightly insulated, they are waterproof and look good for cocktails with colleagues and clients.

To carry my stuff around, I use the 48h Boston Duffle by Swims (6). The name explains it all: it is especially made to carry enough clothes and accessories for a two-day getaway. Also, it is waterproof – perfect for snowy or rainy days.
look chalet

Swims SOREL Woolrich The North Face

On the Friday, when I get to the chalet, I put on my Thermoball jacket by The North Face (9) and I go get some wood for the fire. And then, I curl up in my Woolrich blanket (8) while taking out the iPad. At this moment, I know life can be perfect.

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