The Montrealer’s Brunch: Where You Should Go

Text by: Marie-Christine Lessard

. The Montrealer’s Brunch: Where You Should Go

Montreal. One of the cities where you’ll find the best food in the world. In fact, it’s the place in North America where you can find the most restaurants per capita: Montrealers are very spoiled, when it comes to choosing a spot for brunch on the weekend.


Ma’tine quickly became the favorite spot of many brunch fans in Montreal. To start, the interior design is simply out of this world – right out of the greatest Pinterest boards you can find. Wood, slate and tiles get together perfectly and bring out a laidback and cozy atmosphere. On the food side, the menu changes often – but one thing’s for sure: you’ll never be disappointed by what you’ll find in your plate.
(Photo cred: Ma’tine)

1310 Maisonneuve Est
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Maison Publique

With no others than Jamie Oliver and Derek Dammann in charge, Maison Publique is without hesitation one of the best options in town. A high-quality and ultra-original menu – without pretension. We will serve you a good old cup of filter-coffee and recipes that stand out – like red pepper, bacon and butter garnished pancakes. Originally, the restaurant has a British vibe, but you can find many American and Tex-Mex influences in the cuisine.
(Photo cred: Tellement Swell)

4720 rue Marquette
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Le Pois Penché

If you aren’t familiar with Le Pois Penché, you have to know that it is one of the best French Brasseries in Montreal. Many enjoy the place for their evening menu, but the brunch is also very interesting. Their croissants and their jams are pretty amazing. The antique decor brings out a nice elegant touch to the experience.
(Photo cred: Le Pois Penché)

1444 rue Drummond



The Sparrow is one of my favorite spots to have brunch on the island, mainly because of the simplicity of the menu and the general atmosphere of the place. My go-to dish: the butter and sage eggs. Can’t go wrong. So simple, yet so delicious. They also make awesome iced teas and great morning cocktails.
(Photo cred: Sparrow – Le Moineau)

5322 boulevard Saint-Laurent



Barbounya specializes itself in mezes, a.k.a the Turkish version of tapas. The concept is oriented towards sharing plates and dishes – at any time of the day. For only $16.50, you get a plank to share, composed of warm bread, jams, honey kaymiak, ricotta salad, nuts, olives – and then you get the choice of a solo main dish. The high tables made out of wood and steal are bringing an industrial yet laidback ambiance to the place.
(Photo cred: Barbounya)

234 avenue Laurier Ouest Montreal


Bon appétit!

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There you go. Now, you’re all set.

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