The North Face Summit Series: Get the Look

Text by: Kelsey Begg

The North Face. The North Face Summit Series: Get the Look

When it comes to high alpine excursions and exploring mountain peaks in the harshest conditions, The North Face Summit Series is designed for the job. The brand’s experience with technical, rugged and reliable equipment and apparel is evident within each product and eye-popping colours keep wearers visible when visibility declines. 

The North Face knows that life in the mountains is all about being prepared for the worst. The gear you choose to equip yourself with and the layers you choose to wear are all essential to the activity you are pursuing and the elements you may encounter. Weather conditions can change in an instant and itineraries can be altered so while patience, perseverance and gratitude are key, consciousness and preparedness are essential tools that should always be in your back pocket (or backpack).

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Choosing Your Summit Series Look

The North Face Summit Series is a collection designed for alpine excursions. The technologies, fits and features are specifically chosen and crafted to ensure absolute comfort and functionality while being active. The input received from their athletes has greatly influenced these designs and was key in order to be confident that each product would perform as desired when it needed to.

There are four main activities targeted in the Summit Series and for each, there are a variety of kit-building solutions that can be easily catered to suit the wearer’s needs. Whether you need full storm protection when the temperatures plummet on the peak or a technical kit that provides ample protection in mild conditions, the Summit Series has it all.

The Big-Wall Climbing Look

Summit L5 Ultralight Storm Jacket


Summit L2 FuseForm™ Fleece 1/2 Zip Hoodie


Summit L1 Climb Pants


Cinder Pack 40L


Whether you’re spending a day on the wall or multiple days, durable gear that you can rely on is a must. This is why the Big Wall Climbing Summit Series collection offers lightweight products that are durable and offer a great range of motion so you can focus on the climb. Vibrant colour choices keep you and your fellow climbers visible even in the worst conditions and rugged, lightweight materials make layering easy. 

The Ski-Mountaineering Look

Summit L5 Proprius GTX Active Jacket


Summit L3 Proprius Down Hoodie


Summit L4 Proprius Softshell Pant


Proprius 50L


While exploring in high alpine regions, changing weather conditions can often result in short weather windows which means quick reactions and preparedness are key. The Summit Series Ski-Mountaineering collection is all about packable, lightweight and minimal products that can be easily stowed for quick and easy emergency protection when necessary. Again, bright colours are chosen so the wearer easily stands out in gloomy conditions and larger capacity packs (38L or 50L) are essentials for carrying all the necessary gear and emergency layers.

The Alpinism Look

Summit L6 AW Down Belay Parka


Summit L5 Gore-Tex® Pro Jacket


Summit L5 GTX Pro Pants


Phantom 50L Backpack


When your goal is onward but the weather has other plans, the Summit Series Alpinism Collection has you covered. Lightweight, durable and packable, these pieces are crafted with the toughest technology to ensure reliability for every climb whether you’re tackling a single or multi-day climb.

High-Altitude Expedition

Himalayan Parka


Himalayan Pant


Himalayan Mitt


Prophet 85L Backpack


Dressing for high-altitude expeditions can be the difference between life and death so choosing your layers wisely is imperative. The High-Altitude products within The North Face Summit Series are designed for the harshest environments. If you are headed into extreme, unpredictable weather and are searching for the maximum warmth, protection and durability, these products are just for you.

The North Face Summit Series

For the adventurous mountain lovers among us, The North Face Summit Series is designed for you. From high-altitude expeditions to big-wall climbing, these feedback driven designs have been tested by the brand’s top athletes to ensure they live up to their role. Crafted with engineered materials, a kinetic alpine fit and mountain safety colours, the Summit Series is a collection created to optimize the function and support that athletes seek while exploring the most punishing environments.

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