The Timex ONE GPS + Review

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Timex. The Timex ONE GPS + Review

Today I want to write about the Timex ONE GPS + watch which I received on loan a few weeks ago and have been testing on the roads of Montreal.

Our review of this product
8.5 / 10

The pros are:


Advanced technology

Amazing screen

The cons are:

Slow responsiveness

timex one gps watch review

First off, it’s look. It is all black with a square shape and rounded corners. The colour touchscreen adapts very quickly to light changes and is very easy to see in all light conditions. It does lean towards the large side, but with all its functionality I was more than happy to strap it to my wrist for every single run.


timex one gps watch review

timex one gps watch review

timex one gps watch review


With the options of listening to music through your watch (bluetooth earphones required), and sending and receiving text messages, the ONE GPS + from Timex distinguishes itself from the competitors in the market. And with an 8 hour lifespan with the GPS rolling, it will last on your longest run (ultramarathoners excluded…).

Timex wanted to allow you the possibility of leaving your giant cell phone at home, and not have it bounce around in some pocket- mission accomplished!


timex one gps watch review

timex one gps watch review
Charging is simple with the clip

timex one gps watch review


The Instafix GPS is really impressive. In less than five seconds, it finds a satellite; a huge step up from other GPS watches I have used in the past.  The watch also gives you speed, distance, time and elevation of your runs. Programming intervals is also a breeze on the ONE GPS +. A feature I loved was the automatic stop of time when you stop moving, something that benefits me greatly when cycling/running through the city and stopping at lights.

People can also follow your location live with an app. This can be practical for races, if ever you get into trouble out in the woods, or if you want to cheat at hide and seek.


timex one gps watch review


If I had to find a downside I would say the watch could use a little improvement when it comes to the speed of scrolling. I found it a little bit slow at first, but honestly once you get used to the speed it will no longer be an issue. I’m an impatient person at heart.




This is an ideal watch for the runner who likes to stay connected. It is packed full of features and essentially does everything for you. Except for running. You need to do that.


timex one gps watch review



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