The Toronto Look: Dress for the Cold

Text by: Vincent Desmarais

Arc’teryx, Defy Bags, Filson, Fjällräven, Icebreaker, Instance, Levi

The days are getting colder and shorter in the beautiful city of Toronto, but it’s most certainly not enough to keep me from visiting the metropolis and all its awesome coffee shops or art galleries. I’ll probably be commuting from a place to another using nothing else but my feet or public transit and I’ll be going in and back out several times. I need to make sure I won’t be freezing when I’m out on the street or over-heating when I’m in having a chat with my friends. Intelligent layering will be the key of my outfit.


Saxx Underwear, Men’s Blacksheep Boxer Fly (7)

Freshly out of the shower, I immediately put on a pair of Saxx Underwear’s Men’s Blacksheep Boxer Fly. Made out of the softest merino wool, these will regulate my temperature whether I’m in the cold or near a radiator. They also feature a merino/spandex blend that allows me all the liberty I need when I move.

Levi’s, Commuter 511 Slim Trousers Canvas (6)

It’s cold outside, but the sun is still warm, so I need to make the most of it by choosing a black pair of pants. The Levi’s commuter 511 slim trousers canvas offer convenience and are made tough, so they suit all type of activities. If you’re brave enough to take your bike, this is a choice you won’t regret. Also, they look dapper, so if you have any appointment throughout the day, you’ll still look your best.

Icebreaker, V-neck Tee (11) – Arc’teryx, Astute Long Sleeve Shirt (2)

Since I know I’ll be switching from one climate to another, I decided to put on an Icebreaker V-neck tee. It’s made out of merino, so it offers the best comfort, it will regulate my temperature and it won’t keep any body odor. On top of it, I put on Arc’teryx’s Astute Long Sleeve Shirt. Its lightweight and breathability is exactly what is needed under a warmer jacket. Its urban and athletic look fits with the pants and the weather outside. Arc’teryx is all about function and aesthetic, so for anyone looking to look good and move with confidence, check out their collection.

Instance, Beckett (9)

As subtle as it might be, I love to make sure my accessories match with at least one piece of my outfit. I cover my feet with a pair of Instance’s Beckett. I choose Instance mostly for the prints, but also because they’re made out of thick premium combed cotton, the heels and the toes are reinforced to increase their durability.

Filson, Mackinaw Field Chrono (13)

I want to make sure I’m on time to any appointment I might have, so I got myself the Filson’s Mackinaw Field Chrono, with the brown Bridle Leather strap. A gem for any fond of watches. It’s assembled by hand in Shinola’s state-of-the-art Detroit factory. It’s protected against all elements, so don’t be afraid, the rain or the snow won’t have any incidence on its functionality. Plus, even though you know what time it is, you’ll want to spend more time watching it.


Filson, Bridle Leather Belt 1 ½ (15)

As I mentioned earlier, I love matching accessories, so I tie the Filson’s Bridle leather belt to my waist. I like rugged and tough belts, so I chose to go with the larger 1 ½ inches one, but you can also get it in 1 ¼ inches.

Defy, Messenger Recon Wax (5) – Fjällräven, Byron Hat (3) – Woolrich, Rib Scarf  (4)

I start preparing my bag for the day, I know I’ll be walking a lot and probably going to meet some people, so I don’t want anything too big. I simply want to be able to pack my Fjällräven’s Byron Hat and my Woolrich Rib scarf when I’m not outside. I don’t feel comfortable wearing a backpack with a coat and I want my bag to be easily accessible. I also want it to look good and you can’t go wrong when you have a Defy Messenger Recon Wax bag.

Spy, Boomer (12) – Arc’teryx, Gothic Gloves (10)

When I walk around the city, music plays an important role in my overall mood, so I don’t forget my earphones. The Spy Boomer ear buds offer a great sound and are waterproof, just what I need at this time of the year. I also want to be able to take calls and to text my friends if I need to, but I certainly don’t want to take my gloves off. Luckily, Arc’teryx has designed the Gothic Gloves. Made of merino wool with a next-to-skin fit, the fingertips are smartphone friendly. Love it.

Mackage, Jorge Jacket (1) – Moncler Ferion (14)

I then put on the Mackage Jorge Jacket. A double-breated peacoat made out of flat wool with a removable hood and bib. The classic look of the coat with its genuine leather details is exactly what’s needed to walk around in comfort and style. I put on the Ferion sunglasses from Moncler to protect my eyes from the sun, they have a vintage look that I just love.

Wolverine, 1000 Mile Boot (8)

To complete the look and to be comfortable walking long distances, and still keep the classiness of my outfit, I put on a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile boots in brown. Why brown you may ask? It’s easier for black to show the dirt and I tend to think that brown leather just gets better with age. Also, it matches my belt.

Sure thing, I won’t be freezing and I won’t go unnoticed.

What do you think about this look? Anything you would add?

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