The Vancouver Look: Dance in the Rain

Text by: Vincent Desmarais

Arc’teryx, Barbour, Brooks England, Clif Bar, Creep, Darn Tough, Icebreaker, Ray-Ban, Stutterheim, Suunto, Swims. The Vancouver Look: Dance in the Rain

Vancouver is renown for its beautiful landscapes and awesome modern architecture. It’s the type of city that makes you want to go outside and see everything there is to see. The only matter: its rainy weather. All thanks to its location on the northern pacific coast, Vancouver is surrounded by water. If you want to make sure to appreciate the city to its full capacity, you sure need to be prepared – or you’ll probably going to end up wet. If you’re planning on staying a couple of days there, or if you actually live there, you’ll want to be prepared for all sorts of weather, meaning you have to think practical when shopping for your shoes, coat, or else you’ll end up having a coat for every possible type of day, which is on second thought, not that much of a bad idea.

Arc’teryx Veilance

Stutterheim Barbour Nixon Arc'teryx Creep Brooks England Darn Tough

Stutterheim, Stockholm (1)

I don’t know about you, but when I think of a raincoat, I usually have the image of a broad, yellow fisherman jacket. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that many brands had pushed their raincoat game to the next level. RAINS, Fjällräven, Arc’teryx, all had very nice options, but it’s Stutterheim that caught my attention the most with the Unisex Stockholm Large Stripe Raincoat. A handmade raincoat with rubberized cotton, unlined and with double welded seams. Alexander Stutterheim, the man behind the brand, once found his departed grandfather’s raincoat and decided to fusion his melancholy to creativity – and updated the raincoat to make it look at bit more actual.

Barbour, Bransfield Shawl (2) – Icebreaker, Tech V (8) – Creep, Combed Twill Chinos (5)

Temperature isn’t going too low during winter, but it’s still important to have a few layer. I suggest a merino wool t-shirt to help you regulate your temperature and for comfort. Icebreaker is the perfect go-to brand when it comes to merino wool so the choice was quite easy when I stumbled upon the Tech Short Sleeve V. A sweater beneath your raincoat is always a good way to keep your upper body warm. Also, if you end up going inside, a sweater looks a little more nifty than a hoodie. The way you present yourself plays a huge role in the impression your surroundings will have of you. Especially if you’re visiting siblings during the holidays. Barbour’s Bransfield Shawl collar sweater will fit any occasion, it’s the perfect midway between casual and classy. I personally love to match a navy top with lighter pants, such as Creep’s Combed Twill Chinos pants in Khaki. They’ll also look great with the rain jacket.

Swims, George Chukka (10)- Darn Tough, Mountaineering Extra Cushion (6) – Arc’teryx, Phase SL (4)

Tied to my feet is the Swim’s modern version of rain shoes, the George Chukka Waterproof. Colorful and completely waterproof, these chukkas will keep you dry and hip. They’re easy to put on and they look great with a slim pair of Chinos. Just in case, you might want to wear a pair of socks that will be suitable for any winter sports. Since you’re not too far from Whistler, might as well be ready. Darn Tough offers comfort and warmth. While we’re there, since humidity is one of the major characteristic of the maritime weather, Arc’teryx’s Phase SL boxers will help you stay dry and comfy through all day, no matter what is your main activity.

Arc’teryx Veilance

Icebreaker Brixton Barbour Ray-Ban Suunto Clif Bar Swims

Brixton, Gain Fedora (9) – Nixon, DNA (3)

Brixton’s Gain Fedora completes the look with its timeless design. Brixton’s products are a promise of quality and they are the perfect classic complement to any contemporary look. In order to match your accessories (again), Nixon’s DNA belt has a rich tanned leather tone and it will keep your pants in place.

Suunto, Core Brushed Steel (14)

If you’re a gimmick fanatic just as I am, and if you love to know everything about what surrounds you, check out Suunto’s Core Brushed Steel watch. Smarter than a smartwatch, this one offers a barometer, an altimeter, a compass, a thermometer an it even give the hour. Just as if you needed more convincing selling feature, it looks damn good.

Brooks England,  Barbican (7) – Barbour, Hip Flask (13) – Clif – Oatmeal Raisin Walnut (12) – Ray-Ban, New Wayfarer (11)

The last thing you need now is a holdall bag for your everyday essentials. In order to keep the look elegant and practical, the Barbican messenger bag from Brooks England has the perfect dimensions to carry whatever goods you may need throughout the day. Should it be your flask (because it’s always noon somewhere), your Clif energy bar for your afternoon snack or your sunglasses if ever the sun decided to show up. Speaking of which, nobody knows better than a company that has been offering style and quality since 1937 to protect your eyes, Ray-ban’s Wayfarers are offered in many colors and will match your outfit perfectly.

Hope you’ll enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed building it. Vancouver is one beautiful city and it dese rves that you dress up good for her.

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