Top 10 Staff Picks: PackTowl Unisex RobeTowl

Text by: Adrienne Auclair

PackTowl. Top 10 Staff Picks: PackTowl Unisex RobeTowl

The ultimate travel towel in the shape of a bathrobe

Our review of this product
8.0 / 10

The pros are:


Super absorbent

The cons are:

Not very comfortable to put on when you are wet

Every efficient traveler knows the famous Packtowl towel. Lightweight, thin and ultra absorbent, it is perfect for wiping dry without sacrificing space in your luggage. And what if I told you that you now have the option to wrap yourself completely in this magic fabric? You can now achieve that thanks to the bathrobe Robetowl!

PackTowl Unisex RobeTowl

The usefulness? Honestly, I questioned myself on that. I think it’s made for the cottage, the spa or for a week-end trip. To take hiking or on a long trip, according to me, it’s not ideal. But for those who have extra space in their luggage and who want to completely cover themselves, it’s the best option.


The Robetowl is made from the same material as the original towel, so when it comes in contact with water, it absorbs everything it can. It dries quickly and will warm you up on those crisp mornings at the cottage or when you go swimming. The size is comfortable and loose without being too big. I generally wear large and the large/X large fit me well. Finally, at 70$, it’s a luxury that the sensitive to the cold, the discreet swimmers and fans of the spa will appreciate.

Okay, one last photo of Alex. He is hilarious in his RobeTowl.


Thanks to Alex (aka the Jedi) for his RobeTowl review

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