Top 20 Stylish Chalet Essentials For Women

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Birkenstock, Brixton, Cole Haan, Garmin, GSI outdoors, Hunter, Icebreaker, Lolë, Mizu, MPOWERD, Patagonia, Prestel, Smartwool, Sorel, The North Face, Victorinox. Top 20 Stylish Chalet Essentials For Women

After a long and chaotic week at work, there’s nothing better than packing up and heading for a calm weekend at the chalet. With no wifi or cell service, you may actually get to finish your book you’ve been meaning to read for the last month. Curl up in your favourite hammock or get out and stretch your legs for a run through the forest. A weekend at the chalet is about relaxing your body and rejuvenating your mind a. Opt for comfort and add a little style with these chalet essentials.

Chalet Accessories

chunky knitted throw

Hudson’s Bay Company

Chunky Knitted Throw

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mizu s4


Mizu S4

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stills hat


Stills Hat

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ultra yoga mat


Ultra Yoga Mat

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What better way to start your day than with a little yoga down by the lake with your Ultra Yoga Mat. If you’re not a morning person, sip your coffee in bed wrapped up in the Chunky Knitted Throw. Once you’ve woken up, you can throw on your favourite Stills Hat, grab your Mizu S4 bottle and take a stroll down to the nearby fruit market.

Chalet Style & Comfort

touring tank

The North Face

Touring Tank

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shasta pants


Shasta Pants

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palisade trail


Palisade Trail V-Neck

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glorya dress


Glorya Dress

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Kick back and lounge at the chalet in comfort in the Shasta pants and Touring Tank designed with light fabrics for a comfy and flattering fit. When the weather’s right, you can slip into the Glorya Dress and head for a wine tour through the nearby vineyards. When the sun goes down, keep up your stylish, chalet look with the Palisade Trail V-Neck for a little added warmth.

Chalet Footwear




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original short


Original Short

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pinch weekender

Cole Haan

Pinch Weekender

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Whether you’re spending the night out with the neighbouring chalet in your Joanie sandals or you’re romping through the woods in a pair of Hunter boots, stylish and comfortable footwear at the chalet is a must. Keep it simple and strut around in some Gizeh sandals around the lake or head for a short bike ride in the Pinch Weekender.

Chalet Reading

mind the gap

Prestel – Antoniou

Mind the Gap

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northern delights

Prestel – Fexeus

Northern Delights

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chamber of curiosity


The Chamber of Curiosity

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new nomads

Prestel – Klanten

The New Nomads

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There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting down with a good book and getting lost in its pages. For those days when you’ve left your favourite book at home, having a few good books laying around can save the day. Build your chalet reading collection with a few from our shelf.

Chalet Gadgets

huntsman hardwood


Huntsman Hardwood

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forerunner 230


Forerunner 230

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red wine glass

GSI Outdoors

Red Wine Glass

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luci aura


Lantern Luci Aura

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Handy gadgets are great to have wherever you are including at the chalet. Bring out your Forerunner 230 to keep track of personal records running around the chalet. Pick up the Huntsman Hardwood because there’s no such thing as too many pocketknives especially when you’re exploring in the woods. You can widdle a boring stick into a new spoon or collect a few and create a picture frame. When the sun sets and the wine is flowing, enjoy a glass in the Red Wine Glass in the ambiance of the Lantern Luci Aura.

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