Top 5 Cycling Lights for Biking at Night

Text by: Kelsey Begg

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Whether you cycle to work or you enjoy an after work bike ride multiple times throughout the week, it’s crucial to be prepared for cycling at night. Keeping a cycling light stashed at the bottom of your bag is good practice and will keep you visible if ever you need to make the commute home in the dark. 

From city commutes on the road to nighttime descents down your favourite trails, there’s a cycling light designed for your rides. Whether you use a handlebar mount or clamp the light to your helmet, there are multiple styles to choose from. For night riding on trails, a stronger light is ideal and a helmet, handlebar combo would be the most effective. If you’re looking for a light to simplify your commute home in the dark, one that clamps onto your handlebars would be perfect. 

If you’re shopping for some bicycling lights, you’re sure to find a winner among our top 5 cycling lights for biking.

cycling at sunset

Lezyne LED KTV Drive Pro

With a maximum output of 80 lumens, this cycling light will provide more than enough light for a safe ride home in the dark. It is extremely weather-resistant and durable so you can be confident it will perform even in wet weather. The Composite Matrix back clip feature allows you to easily remove and attach the light so you can take it off when you leave your bike locked outside. Get 180 degrees of visibility thanks to the visibility lens which extends beyond the body. The best part, this light has an integrated USB stick which makes it easily rechargeable and battery and cable free!

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Light & Motion Urban 350

urban 350 cycling light

Boasting an output of 350 lumens, this light is sure to be a favourite for many for late night commutes and moonlight singletrack adventures. Unlike the other light in its class, the Urban 350 has an accurate 4 level battery charge status indicator. This allows you to know how much battery is left and if you can make it home before it dies. There are multiple power settings so you can find the perfect rightness to see your route easily and get home safely. Attach it to your helmet or mount it to your handlebar, this light is designed for your late night rides.

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Light & Motion Urban 500

urban 500 cycling light

The Urban 500 is similar to the Urban 350 only slightly more powerful with a maximum output of 500 lumens. It is also rechargeable so you can avoid buying numerous packs of batteries or having them die on you. The Urban 500 only takes 5 hours to be fully charged. Play with the multiple settings to find the right brightness for your adventures.

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Light & Motion Vis 180

vis light

Like on a car, having a taillight is just as important as having a headlight and the Vis 180 ios the one you want. With a maximum output of 70 lumens and multiple power settings, you’re all set for any night rides on your bike. There is an integrated clip which allows the light to be easily attached to a backpack or messenger bag, otherwise, it can be easily attached to your bike without using tools. 

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Light & Motion Imjin 800

For the night crawlers who like the added adventure of cycling at night, the Imjin 800 is your arsenal. With an 800 lumen output, you’re sure to see every bump in the road and every rock on the trail. The light is equipped with a beam pattern that was engineered to maximise the riders’ depth perception so they can ride safely even in the dark. With a charge time of 2.75 hours, you can be on the trails in no time and enjoy an adrenaline-filled shred in the woods. This light is slightly more expensive but well worth the investment if you embark on multiple night adventures with your bike.

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While riding at night, it is always important to make sure you are visible. Using a light is great but it’s also ideal to dress in reflective clothing. Either of these lights would be perfect for your cycling adventures at night whether it be commuting to a from work, class or simply enjoying a shred in the woods under a starry sky. Wherever your bike rides take you, urban or natural, ensure that you are dressed appropriately and have chosen a safe helmet.

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