Top 5 Cooking Equipment for Camping

Text by: Chloé Lavigne

Camping, Food. Top 5 Cooking Equipment for Camping

Here is a list of kitchen essentials for the light traveler. 

Are you planning a hike on which you can’t take much with you? Are you longing for a simpler lifestyle? You’re not afraid of more Spartan habits? Here are the top 5 essential items for your outdoor kitchen set.

1. A Compact Burner


You have two options. Burners that work with a gas bottle like the MSR Micro Rocket Stove are ultra lightweight (2.5 to 2.6 oz), but you have to take your own gas bottles because they’re not available everywhere, only in outdoor equipment shops. Alcohol burners are normally heavier, but also very efficient and you can find the fuel in any gas station, hardware shop or convenience store (antigravitygear burners are particularly interesting weighing only 3.3oz, but they’re not available in Canada).

2. A Good Container


A good lightweight two-piece set that is durable and compact like this MSR Base 2 Pot Set. Once again, you have two options: stainless steel or nonstick aluminum. I think both have their benefits. The first is a bit more durable, the second easier to clean. It’s all a matter of preference.

3. Dishes


A bowl is more versatile, but a plate can also serve as a cutting board. In any case, no need to have both. If you’re travelling with someone else, one can use the bowl and the other the plate. A perfect match! Or, resolve the issue with Fozzils plates: they can be used as bowls, plates, or cutting boards! They’re lightweight and can easily be stowed in your bag. Finally, an absolute must: Light My Fire Original Spork.


4. Knives and Fire


We can never get enough of the classics: Opinel Classic Stainless Steel 6 Blade. For the fire, you can choose between lighters, waterproof matches, or spark lighters. It depends on your preference, but in this case, more is better than less!

5. Washing Dishes


A microfiber dishcloth that dries quickly and biodegradable dish soap (like Campsuds products) are essential. For the real adventurers, you can always forget the soap and use a little sand or soil to scrub your dishes and then rinse with water. Is it more eco-friendly? Some will say yes, others no. When it comes to dishes, it’s hard to leave no trace. Also, remember to always dispose of dish water 70 meter away from any brook or lake.

You are now ready to cook on your next camping adventure. So, what’ll be your first recipe?

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