The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Spring & Summer Activities

Text by: Kelsey Begg

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After a long winter of frigid temperatures and endless storms, the first signs of spring can seem like a heaven’s send for some. The longer days, double-digit temperatures and friendly songs of birds in the nearby trees can perk up just about anyone’s attitude. 

When it’s finally time to put the winter parkas in storage and store your skis and boards for the warm months, it’s time to revive your spring activity gear. Check out that your camping gear is good for another season, check the tread on your running shoes and pump up the bike tires!


If you’re a nature lover and yearn for the smell of fresh air and nature’s symphony each weekend, camping is probably a frequent activity on your agenda. Whether you’re a camping veteran with a list of camping destinations under your belt or you’re new to the hobby, one thing is certain and that is that you need the right gear. For those starting out,  choosing the right tent or knowing what sleeping bag is right for you can be tricky but isn’t impossible. With the right guidance, you’re sure to have a great experience every time. Remember that a good nights sleep begins with the right sleeping mattress so don’t cheap out. Knowing how to choose a mattress that you are sure will provide a cozy sleep under the stars is key! Once you’ve got your camping abode all set, the next step is to gear up your camp kitchen and check out some fun camping gadgets and accessories to fully personalize your experience.


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For the adventurous explorers among us, a weekend of hiking may be just the weekend of rejuvenation your body needs. Whether you set out for a short day hike to your local spot or gear up for a multi-day traverse, hiking is a great way to appreciate the nature that surrounds you. With the right hiking shoes, you can set out for hours of exploration and adventure. When your weekend plans include setting up base camp in the woods and exploring the surrounding trails, you’re going to want to ensure you pick the right hiking backpack that’s sure to hold all your camping gear as well as the hiking essentials you won’t want to forget.

For steeper hikes where a heavy pack may affect your balance, a sturdy set of walking poles may be necessary, so make sure you pick a size that is correct for you.


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From the trails to the pavement, running is a simple activity anyone can enjoy whether it’s for training or simply for fun. The best part about this activity is that you can do it year round with the right gear and equipment. First thing’s first for a beginner runner is to find the perfect running shoes. If your feet are in pain, your run is most definitely going to be a torturing experience but with the right shoes, you can run for kilometers without a problem. Everyone has different feet so don’t stress if you haven’t found the perfect shoe on the first try. As you progress as a runner, it’s common that you will require different shoes over time to accommodate new runnings techniques or preferred terrain. Once you’ve got the perfect running shoes, you can dive into the world of running accessories and apparel and find your own favourite products.


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Road Biking & Mountain Biking

For the adrenaline junkies looking for a thrill, cycling may be more your spring and summer activity. From ripping down winding roads to working hard on the pedal uphill to enjoy a technical descent, cycling is an activity that is as rewarding as it is exciting. Comfort is essential so choosing the right cycling shorts is imperative. Although more important for road cycling as you are sitting down for most of the ride, padded inner shorts are also beneficial for long rails rides where you spend a long period of time climbing up. Aside from the bike, the next important piece of equipment is your helmet! You only get one brain so make sure you protect your head and ride smart. Styles from road cycling and mountain biking will vary but the number one key to remember is to dress comfortably and don’t forget to wear gloves.  And last but not least, be ready for everything on the ride and remember to pack along all the necessary tools to change a flat and some snacks for energy.

Looking for more exhilaration? Grab your mountain bike and a cycling light and head out for a night ride on your local trails. It’s always best to have ridden the trail at least once before in the daylight so you are prepared for any technical features that may pop up.


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