Understanding the Arc’teryx Apparel Naming Scheme

Text by: Kelsey Begg

Arc’teryx, Hiking & Trekking, Ski & Snowboard. Understanding the Arc’teryx Apparel Naming Scheme

Known for their technical products and precise attention to detail, it’s no surprise that Arc’teryx is one of the leading brands within the outdoor industry. Their carefully designed products are catered to specific activities and boast features that enhance their functionality within specified activities. 

From the features and shapes to the materials used, each Arc’teryx products has its own niche within the outdoor environment. For this reason, it is important to understand the apparel naming scheme which Arc’teryx uses. These two letters can be spotted on nearly every product which is produced by Arc’teryx and below you will find out what they mean.

arcteryx naming scheme

SL: Super Light

SL products are designed with the lightest materials possible and prioritize a lighter weight. They provide exceptional weather protection, performance and are highly packable.

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Women’s Beta SL Jacket

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Women’s Alpha SL Pant

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Men’s Cerium SL Vest

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Men’s Acrux SL GTX

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FL: Fast & Light

FL  indicates minimalist products are created to be exceptionally lightweight while still providing a  high level of performance. They are designed for those looking to travel fast and light in an assortment of weather conditions including rain, sleet, snow and wind.

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Men’s Psiphon FL Short

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hiking in the mountains

LT: Light Weight

LT products are designed with a streamlined set of features that make them exceptionally light and robust while still providing ample weather protection. The materials used in their designs are durable, and built for the highest performance on the toughest outdoor pursuits, from summit scrambles to granite multi-pitches.

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Women's Delta LT Zip

Women’s Delta LT Zip

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Men’s Gamma LT Pant

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MX: Mixed Weather

MX products are rugged, breathable, and mobile, making them ideal for a variety of activities in extremely diverse weather conditions. Choose MX products for a hike in the rain, or layer them up for a windy day on the ski hill.

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gamma mx hoody

Women’s Gamma MX Hoody

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Men’s Gamma MX Jacket

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gamma mx hoody

Men’s Gamma MX Hoody

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arcteryx naming scheme

AR: All Around

AR products are ideal for multiple activities thanks to the range of features that each product has. AR products are designed with more of a focus on weatherproof technology rather than on shedding grams, which makes them perfect all around gear for activities that demand protection and performance.

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Women’s Alpha AR Jacket

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satoro ar bottom

Women’s Satoro AR Bottom

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acrux ar boot

Men’s Acrux AR Mountaineering Boot

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bora ar

Bora AR 50L Backpack

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SV: Severe Weather

SV products are designed to be worn for prolonged periods in the harshest weather conditions imaginable. They use the warmest, most durable, and most weather-resistant materials to keep you warm, dry and performing your best in the most severe environments on earth.

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alpha sv jacket

Women’s Alpha SV Jacket

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beta sv

Women’s Beta SV Jacket

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Men’s Alpha SV Jacket

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mens beta

Men’s Beta SV Jacket

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